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New Release : Custom Attributes Feature, What's New

Fully Open source e-Commerce project, Customized any extend

Develop a Scalable E‑Commerce with {Microservices}

Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor Solution can aptly suit your B2B and B2C eCommerce project needs. It has been built on the modern and latest tech stack that gives you guaranteed and unbeatable performance and scalability.

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Innovations and adoption of New Technology are now the essentials of E-commerce. Spurtcommerce helps emerge towards it

B2B + B2C + D2c + C2C I Multi-Vendor Online Marketplace Place Solutions

The Spurtcommerce built on the trending tech stack of NodeJS helps bring scalability, performance and optimization to eCommerce portal.


Back End API

The robust Back End API to assure eCommerce scalability without burdening the interaction between front end and back end.


Web Store Front

Our goal of the UI in Web Storefront is to create responsive interfaces that can provide a pleasurable shopping experience to the end-users.



The database architecture has been designed keeping multiple aspects in mind including on-demand scalability, round the clock uptime, complete work flow control, data security and flexibility of open source.


Mobile App

Mobile Shopping experience and ubiquitous manner of shopping is of utmost importance in today’s world and Spurtcommerce Mobile App meets this current trend.

Connect your Vendors, Retailers, Distributors - all in one single system.

Multi-Vendor Solution that assures scalability, durability and consistency for eCommerce Portal.

Use Spurt Headless CMS when you need:

  • All the required key aspects for easy order management.
  • Get complete list of orders with Customer name, order amount, order date, quantity ordered and order delivery location.
  • Order detail page with complete overview of the order with customer information, order status and shipping information.
  • View list of Back Orders that are to be delivered when the stock is available.
  • View list of failed orders to follow up with the Customers for receiving the payment against the orders.
  • Filter options based on Order Id, Customer name, total amount and order created date to fetch the details of particular orders.
  • Easy management of payments with list of payments received against every order with all the details.
  • Filter options to fetch particular payment details based on customer name, from and to date and payment mode.
  • Stock update configuration option to set up the inventory management process for each product separately.
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  • Easy creation and management of categories and sub categories.
  • Filter options to fetch a particular category based on keywords and their statuses of active or in-active.
  • Creation of Product to list them on storefront with all the out of the box features to give a complete overview on the product to the customers.
  • Mapping of product to categories, defining default prices and offering of products and discounted and special prices during festive seasons or clearance sale.
  • Adding of attractive images to the show the product’s look and feel and uploading of video that can walk the customer through the product details.
  • Configuration of Tier pricing for the products for offering the Customer with bulk purchase discounts.
  • Filter options for searching products based on keywords, price range and SKU.
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  • A unique and intuitive dashboard, where they can view the performance of their products on the eCommerce portal.
  • Vendors can manage their products, sales, orders and payments in a hassle-free manner.
  • Configuration of their own SKUs with variants and manage inventory and stock configuration for them.
  • Configuration of quotation requests for their products
  • Attractive and unique ‘About page’ for them with their complete details on their store.
  • View the status of their payments and settlements against every order they have received.
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  • Easy creation and management of customer groups.
  • Mapping of Customers to various groups like frequently buying customers, loyal customers, etc.
  • Various filter options based on customer name, Email, group and date of registration in order to fetch particular customer details.
  • Excel export of all the customer data.
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  • Run various coupon-based offers and promotions on various products.
  • Create coupon codes and configure percentage or amount discount on the coupon, usage of coupon by the customers and the validity period of the coupon.
  • Specify if the coupon applies to all items in the cart of for limited number of items only.
  • Offering of free shipping on the coupon and limit the usage of the coupon based on number of customers.
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  • Create and manage static content with page groups and pages under the groups.
  • Posting of blog articles to provide information to customers on the eCommerce portal and products.
  • Create and manage various promotions through widget creation and mapping of products or categories to widgets.
  • Hassle free CMS to have complete control on website content and maintenance.
  • Split up of sub-orders for Customers orders with purchases from multiple vendors.
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“Post 2020 is the new era of eCommerce that should mainly focus on Security, Scalability and Performance. With Spurtcommerce that is built on the latest tech stack, we aim to overcome the existing challenges and meet the standards of this fast changing industry. “