Spurtcommerce abides by the Top 10 OWASP standards to ensure Total Web Security. Know How

Latest Tech Stack that guarantees 10X speedier and high performing eCommerce Platform

The Spurtcommerce built on the trending tech stack of NodeJS helps bring scalability, performance and optimization to eCommerce portal.

Back End API

The robust Back End API to assure eCommerce scalability without burdening the interaction between front end and back end.

Web Store Front

Our goal of the UI in Web Storefront is to create responsive interfaces that can provide a pleasurable shopping experience to the end-users.


The database architecture has been designed keeping multiple aspects in mind including on-demand scalability, round the clock uptime, complete work flow control, data security and flexibility of open source.

Mobile App

Mobile Shopping experience and ubiquitous manner of shopping is of utmost importance in today’s world and Spurtcommerce Mobile App meets this current trend.

Spurtcommerce can empower your eCommerce business by rightly addressing your needs and requirements.

Get complete advantage of independent customization for all possible ideas

  • B2C marketplaces like Amazon, FlipKart, etc
  • Online pharmacy like Netmeds, 1mg, etc
  • Buying and selling of eLearning courses like Udemy
  • Online grocery stores like Bigbasket
  • Hyperlocal marketplaces like Swiggy, UrbanClap
  • Bookings and online appointments Portal

Spurtcommerce can become your best development solution to customize any online marketplace to best fit for all possible eCommerce ideas. If you have a unique idea, get in touch with us

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Bring all your Vendors/Sellers/Dealers/Re-selling Partners under your Wing

  • Vendors can configure their own SKUs with unique pricing
  • Configuration of commission to Vendor on their product sales
  • Settlement to Vendors
  • Vendors can configure Requests for Quotations for their Products
  • Split up of sub-orders for Customers orders with purchases from multiple vendors.

You enjoy the full freedom to tweak any existing features, add additional features on top of the existing features and also eliminate the features that you do not need. To discuss about your eCommerce idea

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Customers can access your Storefront from multiple devices

  • Maintain one unified data sync for both Web and Mobile App Storefronts.
  • Our Storefront covers over 90% of the standard features.
  • Built on the modern latest tech stack of Angular and React.
  • Mobile App solution is built on the Hybrid platform compatible for Android and iOS.

Get full-featured Web Storefront and Mobile App Storefront for both Android and iOS. To discuss about your eCommerce idea

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Our 100 + Elite Customers from different parts of the world

Get rid of slow and poor performing eCommerce Portals

“Post 2020 is the new era of eCommerce that should mainly focus on Security, Scalability and Performance. With Spurtcommerce that is built on the latest tech stack, we aim to overcome the existing challenges and meet the standards of this fast changing industry. “

- Suresh Sekar , CEO, Spurtcommerce eSolutions Pvt Ltd

How to get the help and support you need

Spurtcommerce Help Center

Get all the required documentation for functionality work flow as well as installation, setup and deployment of Spurtcommerce solution. The section has step-by-step written guides as well as video guides.

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Spurtcommerce Community Forums

Become an integral part of our Spurtcommerce Open Source Community of 10,000 Plus Developers. You may initiate a discussion, get inputs from other Developers, participate in discussions and share your knowledge.

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Spurtcommerce Developer Partner

Enroll into Spurtcommerce Development Partner Program, create your profile, add your skills, demonstrate your potential and start getting Spurtcommerce customization works from different eCommerce business owners from various parts of the world.

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Spurtcommerce Support

For any questions and queries with regard to Spurtcommerce or if you would like to share your eCommerce idea with us, then do get in touch with our support team. We shall be happy to assist you.

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