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A technology investment company in South Africa, with keen interest in disruptive technologies that advance business and growth.


Ayo has achieved its vision through pro-active acquisition strategy which aims to identify, secure and scale upcoming disruptive businesses with impact in the fields of:
Infrastructure : advancing penetration and access to connectivity
Education : lowering the cost and increasing access to 21-century skills
Longevity : extending span and quality of life through digital healthcare
E-commerce : modernising business marketplaces and logistics
Trust : advancing cybersecurity verification and blockchain encryption
Industry : optimising manufacturing processes through robotics and AI
Climate : investing in renewable clean energy

Proud Moment

AYO is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and has an asset base valued in excess of R6 billion as of September 2020. As part of their Research and Development program in exploring the solutions built on the disruptive technologies, they have chosen to explore our Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor Solution that is built on the latest and trending technology stack. The Spurtcommerce team has supported them with all the required documentation on installation and setup and the technical support that was needed by Ayo's team.

  • Industry Type

    Software & IT

  • Country

    south-africa-flag South Africa

  • Type of business

    Communication and Connectivity


Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor