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The Spurt Team is constantly striving towards bringing new features and updates. Have a look at what are they.

Updated on April 2020


Newly added features in the solution


Enhancement of existing features in the solution


Solution debugged for the bugs and issues in the previous release

Version 4.2 Change Log July 2020

Added The Customer can cancel a particular item in the order, after placing the order Store
Added View the list of cancel requests, filter them and take an action of accept or reject. They can also take action for bulk requests and export and import the request lists. Admin
Added Vendors can view the list of cancel requests, filter them and take an action of accept or reject. They can also take action for bulk requests and export and import the request lists. Vendor
Added The Admin can update inventory and configure getting alerts for running out of stock, and also update minimum and maximum quantity allowed in cart for order and other related features. Admin
Added The Customer can request for quotation for bulk purchae and they can fill in a form to give their requirement. Store
Added The Customer can view the list of quotation requests in their accounts. Store
Added The Admin can view the list of quotation requests and also view the Customer information for follow up. Admin
Added The Vendor can view the list of quotation requests and also view the Customer information for follow up. Vendor
Added The Admin can enable tier price and give different pricing per product option for different quantity for purchase. Admin
Added The Customer can view the tier price chart in the product detail page. Store
Fixed The product was not getting deleted from the list and it is now fixed. Admin
Fixed Earlier the edited category was getting stored as new category. Now it is fixed and category is getting edited and it is reflecting. Admin
Fixed Earlier on editing the value of the coupon, the value was getting disappeared and now it is fixed. Admin
Fixed If an image is not added while adding the product, in Store, the Customer can see a default image. Store
Fixed Allocated Delivery person was not getting saved earlier and now it is fixed. Vendor
Fixed In Admin, in localization section, while adding zone, the country is getting reflected correctly. Admin
Fixed The filter issue in categories is fixed and now on selecting a filter, the particular filter gets highlighted. Store
Fixed In Store, when a main category is clicked the appropriate sub-categories are getting displayed. Store
Updated The Vendor can view the graphical representation for different order status updates for different orders Vendor
Updated The Vendor can archive an order, view the archived list, and also individually export and also export all as bulk data. Vendor
Updated The Vendor can archive a payment, view the archived list, and also individually export and also export all as bulk data. Vendor
Updated In Admin, in the sales section, the payments can be archived and they can also see the archived list. Admin
Updated In Admin, in the payment section, the Admin can also individually export or bulk export all the archived payment list. Admin
Updated In store, for categories search and filter, the brad crumbs is getting displayed correctly in product detail page. Store
Updated In Admin, while adding product, in data section, they can update the Manufacturer by selecting from the drop down. Admin
Updated In Vendor, while adding product, they can also select the Manufacturer of the product. Vendor

Version 4.1 Change Log April 2020

Added Admin can add Q & A for giving more information on products. Admin
Added Enhanced method of Admin Roles, Permissions and Module access. Admin
Added Customers can ask questions about a product. Store
Added Customers can also answer questions on products that they have purchased. Store
Added Report abuse features for irrelevant and inappropriate content in Product Q&A. Store
Added Bulk product import options for adding multiple products at once. Admin
Updated The display of list of products posted by Vendor has been changed to grid view. Store
Fixed Order status update by Admin and Vendor, reflects appropriately in 'My Order History' of the Customer. Store
Fixed Applied discount coupon by the Customer, reflects as the deducted amount from the MRP of the product and shows net amount. Store
Fixed The pagination issue in the category section fixed. Admin
Fixed The issue in the coupon creation section is fixed. Vendor
Fixed In invoice, the tax amount can also be shown, along with the product price. Store
Fixed While sending email notification with product purchase invoice, tax amount can also be shown. Store

Version 4.0 Change Log March 2020

Added Marketplace-Vendor Management-The Admin can add a Vendor or also approve a signed-up Vendor. They can edit Vendor details and make them active/in-active. Admin
Added Marketplace-Vendor Products management-The Admin can add product and edit details. They can approve products added by Vendors. Admin
Added Marketplace-Vendor Settings-The Admin has to assign a category to the Vendor and set product based commission to each product of the Vendor. Admin
Added Marketplace-Order Management-The Admin can change order status for the placed orders - in progress, completed, packed, dispatched. Admin
Added Marketplace-Payments Magagement-The Admin can view the total amount from a product sale, the commission deducted the net amount and download invoice. Admin
Added Tax mangement-The Admin can configure different types of taxes with name and percentage. They can either select a pre-configured tax or enter an amount for deduction. Admin
Updated Order change status based on sub order-For an order placed, the Admin can change order status - in-progress, completed, dispatched and so on. Admin
Added Customer - Export to Excel Data-The Admin can export the list of Customers and their details into an excel sheet. Admin
Added Products - Bulk Export Option -Admin can upload bulk products using excel. Admin
Added Sales- Add Shipping Information -To enable tracking of shipped order for Customers, the Admin can enter the shipment tracking URL and Id. Admin
Added Vendor Registration-The Vendor can register and sign up through the Store Front. Vendor
Added Vendor Login-After approval from the Admin, the Vendor can sign into their Portal. Vendor
Added Products Management-The Vendor can add a product and manage products and also make a product active or in-active. Vendor
Added Products - Earnings-Vendors can view the earnings from a product. They can view the quantity sold and the total amount earned. Vendor
Added Delivery Management - Vendors can add delivery persons and delivery locations, to which they can ship products. They can also bulk import delivery locations. Vendor
Added Order Management - Vendors can view the list of orders and the recent orders. They can update order status - order placed, order confirmed, order delivered. Vendor
Added Payments Management - Vendors can view the payment details for the order, with the total amount, deducted commission and net amount and download invoice. Vendor
Added Coupon Management - Vendors can create a coupon along with title, percentage of discount, the product category and the minimum purchase amount. Vendor
Added Dashboard - Dashboard that gives a glance of number of products listed, number of orders, total sales and revenue, and more. Vendor
Added My Account settings - The Vendor can update their profile with company details and upload their business documents. They can also change password from here. Vendor
Added Bulk Price Updates - The Vendor can upload prices of the products in bulk, including default price, special price and discount price and its start date and end date. Vendor
Added Qucik and drag and Drop order status updates - A new drag and drop feature for updating order status - order placed, order confirmed, order delivered and so on. Vendor
Added Pin code based product Availability - While checking out, the Customer has to verify the pin code to check if product can be delivered. Website
Added Coupan Code Integration - The Customer can apply a coupon and avail discount or price reduction on the product Website
Updated Cart saved in database - The added items to the cart will be saved in the database. Website
Updated SEO Based URL - The URLs of the webste are all SEO friendly. Website
Updated Additional three Payment Gateway - Additionally, three payment gateways, with three payment methods Website
Updated Price with Tax calulation - Final price of the product with tax deduction will be shown. Website
Updated Order Tracking - The Customer can track the order based on the order status updated by the Admin or the Vendor. Website
Updated My order deisgn Changes - The design of the 'My Orders' page is enhanced with track order and order details buttons. Website
Added Vendor Pages - An exclusive page for Vendors with their profile details. Website
Updated New Deisgn Invoice Changes - A new and improved design for invoice. Website
Updated Add Product Price Splitup - The Admin can see the price split up of the product that includes MRP, shipping cost and taxes. Website

Version 3.0 Change Log September 2019

Added Social media login is implemented in store Store
Added Payment via Paypal while doing checkout in store Store
Added Implemented SpurtConnect for social login and third party Payment Gateway in admin. Implemented SpurtConnect for social login and third party Payment Gateway in admin Admin
Added PWA in store Store
Added Product Compare in store Store
Added Guest user checkout is implemented in store Store
Added Multi currency is implemented in admin Admin
Fixed Email is not sent for the Newly User/Customer Admin
Fixed Store-Price Range is not retrieving the data as choosen and not User friendly. Store
Fixed Wish list count is not showing for Today Deals and Featured Product. Store
Fixed Localization-Able to add a language without image,If we add image its showing image is required. Admin
Fixed In Store- After download receipt to view receipt dollar or Rupee icon is missing. Store
Fixed Store - Search in the store not retrieving the exact data. Store
Fixed Inactive Brand is displayed in add product. Admin
Fixed In admin Rating and Review Image is not displaying. Admin
Fixed Localization-Country -Inactive status is not responding. Admin
Fixed Admin -Breadcrumbs are static across the pages in Admin. Admin
Fixed Same Product is ordered more than a time , recent selling product is not showing the image. Admin
Fixed Rating and Review -Reset button not working properly. Admin
Fixed In store home page manufacturers click not working. Store
Fixed Categories Reset filters is not working. Admin
Fixed Store- Price is not calculated correctly for a Product having Multiple Option Enabled. Store
Fixed Admin-Sales -Order -Guest Account information is not displayed while Viewing the Order. Admin
Fixed Updated Address is not listed in the Address list. Store
Fixed Delete option is not available for Role and User in admin. Admin
Fixed Delete option is not available for Order. Admin
Fixed Store - Not able to unfavourite the wishlist icon. Store
Fixed Store-Condition- On clicking the New and Used is not retrieving data. Store
Fixed Store- Rating as to be recalculated when rating is made inactive in admin. Store
Fixed In admin, loggedin user should not delete their own account. Admin
Fixed Add country is not adding an Item. Admin
Fixed Admin not receiving mail while placing order and contactUs. Admin
Fixed Only Active Product and Active Customer should be displayed in dashboard count. Admin

Version 2.2 Change Log September 2019

Added Enable or disable the status in country master in admin. Admin
Added Order status can be searched from the order list in admin. Admin
Added Admin profile image is shown in the header in admin. Admin
Added Country flag with language can be seen in the Language dropdown in store. Store
Added New home page design has been implemented in store. Store
Added Based on user selection, category field has been highlighted in store. Store
Fixed Storage of images has been implemented both in local environment and S3 in admin. Admin
Fixed Change password screen has been integrated inside the application in admin. Admin

Version 2.1 Change Log September 2019

Added Getting Content dynamically from Email template table for sending Emails. Admin
Added Related products while adding product in admin side. Admin
Added Color code, while adding order status. Admin
Added Order status name and color code, while showing order List in admin. Admin
Added Customer detail page. Admin
Added Search folder, and Deleting Image in s3 and local (Image manager). Admin
Added Option to add Multi-Language. Admin
Added Default image while adding product in admin, which will reflect in store product list and admin product list. Admin
Added Meta Tag, Meta Title, Meta Tag Description in admin, which will reflect in store products' pages, other pages and home page Admin
Added CK Editor for descriptions in admin. Admin
Added Multi Category. Admin
Added Default data (seeds), while migrating database Admin
Fixed Error that was occurring while re-sizing image. Admin
Fixed DB error. Admin
Fixed Earlier, while creating new customer in admin, email was not getting sent and this has been fixed. Admin
Fixed Earlier, search product was not working in store and this has been fixed. Store