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Spurtcommerce, a NodeJS and Angular eCommerce solution is one of the latest and new entries among the opensource eCommerce solutions in the Industry. It is an innovation of in-house team of Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Limited. Piccosoft is primarily a web and mobile app development service provider. Having an extensive experience in building applications using NodeJS and Angular technologies and use of open source solutions for application development, the man heading the team at Piccosoft, Suresh Sekar, once came up with an idea of developing an open source eCommerce solution using NodeJS, along with Angular.

Suresh Sekar and the team, soon aimed at getting started with the motivation of solving the biggest problem within the eCommerce sector, and that is the ability of an eCommerce website to sustain a large number of visitors without affecting the speed and load time of the website.

From the day of launch, until now, the team of Spurtcommerce is happy to experience an overwhelming response from the Developers' community as well as among the eCommerce business owners. Spurtcommerce is also building a community of supporters, who will be helping Spurtcommerce thrive in the market. Also, the team is constantly working towards continuous updates to the solution, in order to meet the highest standards of eCommerce industry.

Vision, Mission & Future Goals

To bring a paradigm shift in the industry of eCommerce, through means of use of futuristic technologies. And, to help and partner with eCommerce businesses to stay on par with the industry trend as well as the eCommerce technology trend.


We always admire innovations. Innovations are putting up things together in a new way to get on par with the latest trend. Spurtcommerce is an innovation to eCommerce with new technology. We also support our Customers, who aim at bringing innovations in the eCommerce industry through their new and unique selling ideas.


Customer relations

The passion of Spurt team lies in putting a smile on to their Customers' ideas. We believe every idea is great and it just needs a great team effort to get a life. The Spurt team is always enthusiastic about hearing your new eCommerce ideas and then executing it by fitting the right technology at the right magnitude to make it a great idea.

The Spurt team

The team never lets good enough be enough. We always believe that there is a scope for improvement, and we are never content with our past achievements. We research about new eCommerce trends, take feedback from members at Spurt Community and our Customers. We follow different approaches and take 360 degree feedback to make the solution and our support better and better.


The Spurt Community

Any open source solution is empowered by a Community and without ample support from the Community, an open source cannot be a success. We believe in the signifiance of having a bonding outside our team and customer base and to have other doors open to make a great eCommerce solution, built on the cutting-edge NodeJS and Angular technologies to thrive. That's because, a great solution deserves to be admired and needs a back bone support.

Our Growth

A growth is not one time achievement and it is constant. If we have to sustain in the current competitive era, we need to constantly grow. The Spurt team is constantly striving towards creating an impact in the market, to become thought leaders in the field of eCommerce technology, upgrading our technical skills, improving our customer support and a multitude of other ways so that our growth never gets stagnated at any point, moving forward.