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SEO friendly storefront with automatic XML sitemap generation

In the Angular Storefront, we have implemented SEO enhancements using Angular universal.

Bulk Product Import

We have bulk product upload in Admin through excel upload, wherein Admin can fill in the multiple product data in the excel sheet and export it at once. This feature is extended for variant products as well.

Optimized Code with enhancements

Team identified loopholes in code, previous bugs and issues and validation errors. They have now enhanced and optimized the code.

User-friendly navigation system in Categories

Category list navigation design changes and enhancements have been implemented.

Dynamic Widgets Display - Admin & Storefront

Dynamic display of widget names in the storefront with ability for the admin to configure the setting for display of widget.

Storefront Look & Feel - Betterment

In the storefront, sign up is now part of customer registration and the banner design of the vendor detail page has been enhanced.
Dec 2022

Spurtcommerce v4.8 Transformation - Different Features in Spurtcommerce are now separated into multiple Add-ons.

Plug and Play Feature - Add-on Support.

Admin Dashboard 4.8.1

We have separated the features in Spurtcommerce into add-ons. Now, on top of the core code - either community edition or Multi-Vendor edition, for whatever additional features you need, you can simply integrate the relevant addon.

New and enhanced Vendor Panel


The layout and UI of the Vendor Panel has been changed to make it look more rich and sophisticated. The design is also user-friendly and the experience while using the interface becomes enjoyable to the end-users.

User-friendly Admin


The Spurtcommerce design team had a complete thought over the entire Admin panel design to make it more intuitive. The entire panel is now user-friendly and easily navigable. Also, the Admin users can have full control on the Addons that has been plugged to the application.

Plugin Addons to make it feature rich


Spurtcommerce has Addons for the trending features in eCommerce that is most sought after in any eCommerce portals. Plugin Addons and introduce any number of features to your eCommerce portal.

Flexibly extensible customization


You may initially integrate the important add-ons as per your priorities. And then, extend it by integrating more add-ons to make it more feature rich. It need not be all at once and it can go phase by phase, based on your priorities.

Jan 2022

Spurtcommerce v4.7 New design improvements for better enhancements in overall UI

Intensified Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboare 4.7

The Admin dashboard has been enhanced and improved with enhanced to get the complete over view of the entire eCommerce Portal in one single screen. We have introduced more features - Check out how sales has happened on a month-to-month basis. Know which product of a Vendor has done more sales, get to know the top repeated purchased customers, and also know the amount of transactions on a monthly basis.

Improved Order Detail Page in Admin


The order detail page in admin under the sales section comes with a whole new look and fee and more features. The entire UI of different aspects - changing of payment status, download of invoice, updating of shipping information and changing the order status and viewing of order history have been entirely changed to make it more explicit.

Well-designed Vendor Layout


The header and the side menu of the Vendor Panel has been enhanced and the look has been changed for the User to get a better feel and an effective experience. A color pallet has been added for the User to choose what they like for the side bar.

Improved UI for KPI Reports in Admin


The KPI reports in Marketplace Admin has been improved. In the sales by Vendor report, the Admin can choose a particular vendor from the dropdown. The UI of the Total sales report has been enhanced and the settlement report has been intensified to view the settlement history of a particular Vendor, by choosing from the dropdown that also comes with a search option. The Order status list can be referred for initiating the settlements.

Enhanced look for Vendor Page in Admin


The Vendor detail page in admin is more intensified now with different sections/tabs to view assigned categories, documents and products. This brings a more effective feel to the Admin for better management of the Vendors and their details.

Oct 2021

Spurtcommerce v4.6 More New Features that makes the Solution Top-Notch

Product Video

Product Video

We have added the new feature of product video upload in Admin as well as Vendor. The Customers can view the product video from the PDP (Product detail page) in the Storefront.

Inventory Management and Tier Price in Vendor


The Inventory and Stock update configuration is now available in Vendor – Vendor can configure stock updates– out of stock threshold, minimum and maximum quantity for order, stock alerts, back order enabling for their products from their vendor panel. The Vendor can also configure tier pricing for offering discounts on bulk purchases for their products.

Adding Product Attributes in Vendor


The Vendor can add product attributes that will be available from the masters added by the Admin. This is a good feature to provide specifications and more details about the product. The Vendor can select the relevant attributes for the product from the list and provide the description for the attribute, e.g., For T-shirt, the attribute will be neck style and description can be collared neck.

Enabling Quotation Request in Admin


The enabling of Quotation request through a form has been brought in Admin. By enabling this in Admin, the Customers in the Storefront can request for quotation on Admin Products in the Storefront.

Product-Wise Sales Report


The feature of Product-wise sales report have been brought in Admin and Vendor. The report will show the details of Buyer's name, quantity purchased, date of purchase, original amount and discounted amount of the per item of the product and the total amount based on quantity purchased.

Jun 2021

Spurtcommerce v4.5 Spurtcommerce becomes Total Security assured Online Marketplace Solution with Conformity to OWASP

Spurtcommerce - OWASP Compliant


Spurtcommerce has achieved the OWASP’s rules and principles that ensures Web Security. All the steps and norms of OWASP have been followed and the platform has been fully tested accordingly.

New Store Design Theme


We have brought the new design for Storefront with enhanced UI design for menu, category listing, product listing, product detail page and overall an enhanced look and feel.

Enhanced UI in Admin Settings


We have changed the UI and the design of the Admin Settings, making it user friendly and more systematic.

System Audit Logs


Audit logs plays a major role in eCommerce platforms, especially when more than one User is handling the admin activities. So, a record of each action performed in Admin will get recorded.

Q & A in Vendor Panel


Vendor can add Q & A (Questions and Answers) to their products. Also, when Customers posts questions on products, the respective Vendor can answer them. At the same time, other purchased Customers can also answer. Report Abuse feature has also been brought for this content.

March 2021

Spurtcommerce v4.4 Further Augmentation to the Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor Solution

Custom Filters


Admin can add filters to a products and these filters can be variants and attributes, using which Customers can filter products.

Attribute Groups


An attribute group is the group of attributes by the help of which product is created. You can create an attribute group and can manage all the product features in a group. Attribute group is the collection of all product features. Before creating an attribute, you have to create an attribute group and later map the added attribute to a group.

Add Attributes - Admin


Different attributes or product features can be added under an attribute group. For example, for the attribute group laptop, the attributes can be generation, Operating system, etc.

Attributes - Storefront


All the product features, which are attributes added by the Admin will be available for view to the Customers on the Storefront.



The Admin can create different widgets like top selling products, top selling mobile phones, Women's day deals and so on and then map products to the widgets. This will appear on the home page.

December 2020

Spurtcommerce v4.3 Comprehensive Enhancement in Single Vendor and Multi-Vendor Solutions

Product SKU


Product SKU or Stock Keeping Unit, also pronounced as ‘Skew’ is a unique identification number for each Variant under a Product. The Inventory and Stock update configuration will be available for each SKU. Discounts and special pricing can be set for each SKU and Multiple tier pricing also can be added for each SKU.

KPI Reports


The Admin can generate various Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Reports such as Sales by Vendor, Total Sales Report and Vendor Settlement Report. The reports can be generated for previous month, last 3 months and last 6 months and also based on the price range of the sales.

Shipping and Billing Addresses


The Customer can store multiple addresses and for a particular order, the shipping address and the billing addresses can be different.

Vendor Settlements


The Admin can select the list of orders for Vendor settlements and the status of the settlement that is already done can be updated and this will be available for view by the Vendors.

Enhanced Invoice


The Invoice format has been changed now with actual product cost, quantity purchased, net amount, discount, tax type, tax rate tax amount and the final amount. It also displays the shipping and billing address. The invoice also displays Vendor details.

July 2020

Spurtcommerce v4.2 Newly Added B2B Features in Multi-Vendor Solution V.4.2

Stock Updates


For every product, the Admin can configure to get alerts when products run out of stock, get less stock notifications when the quantity is below a particular number, enable minimum quantity for placing order and maximum quantity allowed in the cart for a product and also enable back orders for orders placed after it went out of stock.

Tier Price


The Admin can set different prices for different quantity purchase, like for a particular quantity and above, what is the 'Price per Item' for it. For example, for quantity 500 and above, the price per product can be $10, for quantity 800 and above, the price per product can be $8.

Cancel Order


The Customer can cancel an order and if the order has multiple products, then, they can cancel the sub-order or a particular product from the Order. This will go for Vendor as well as Admin approval.

Manage Quotation Requests


The Admin can view the list of quotation requests and cancel order requests and take action against them , either accept, reject or offline follow ups.

View Price Chart


The Customer can fill in a form for bulk purchase or customized purchase needs, by mentioning the details in the form. This enquiry will go to the Vendor as well as Admin. The Customer can also view the tier price chart posted by the Admin.

April 2020

Spurtcommerce v4.1 Newly added and enhanced features in Admin Panel and Storefront

Role based authorization


Admin can create multiple Admin Users and create multiple roles. For each role, specific menu access, permissions and rights can be allocated and a particular Admin User can be mapped to a particular role that has specific access and permissions.

Product questions and answers


Admin can post frequently asked questions and answers thereof, for products. The Customers can view those questions and answers on the detail page of the products.

Customer questions and answers


A Customer can ask a question about a product. Apart from Admin, other Customers, who have already purchased the product can also answer the Customer questions.

Report Abuse for Q & A


A 'Report Abuse' feature has been created for reporting inappropriate and offensive content on the product question and answer section.

Bulk Product Import


Bulk product import through CSV and XLS option is provided for the Admin, in order to upload products with all the details, in bulk and at once.

March 2020

Spurtcommerce v4.0 A full-featured Multi-Vendor/Multi Merchant Market Place Solution

Vendor Dashboard


The solution comes with a provision for a unique dashboard for every Vendor, which gives them a quick glimpse on the number of products viewed, products sold, orders placed, commission earned and more. Vendors can easily track their sales and conversions through their dashboard.

Market Place


A perfect solution for creating a platform to connect end-users/Customers with multiple sellers, with each seller having a unique store for putting up their products for sale.

Manage Vendors


The Super Admin can easily manage Vendors with features of adding Vendors and keeping track of their orders, sales, commission earnings through their product sale or orders. Also, the Admin can track sales, orders and commission from each Vendor and more.

Multiple Payment Gateway


An eCommerce platform can cater to a large number of customers and convert more visitors into sales only with multiple payment options. Spurtcommerce solution is integrated with multiple payment gateway that also includes International Payment gateway. They are PayPal, Stripe, Razor Pay and Cash on Delivery too.

Delivery System


The seamless delivery system with hassle-free allocation of delivery person for product delivery along with status updates such as, ready to get dispatched, shipping in process, arriving today, delivered and so on.

Set Commission


Admin can set multiple commissions and separately, based on Vendor and then based on for each product. The commission can be configured in percentage and then the system shall automatically deduct the commission for the particular Vendor and then for a particular product, depending on the value of the product.

Coupons and Promotions


A new feature has been added wherein, the Vendor can create attractive promotions and coupons, by mentioning a title for the coupon, the percentage of discount or the cost reduction the customer can get, mention the categories on which the coupon can be applied, and also specify a minimum purchase amount on which the coupon can be applied.

September 2019

Spurtcommerce v3.0 A Community version with basic features and 'Pro' version with advanced features

Payment Method


Spurtcommerce is integrated with PayPal payment gateway, which is popular and well-known and has over 267 million Users with Customer accounts that includes over 21 million merchants

Guest Check-out


Do not give your website visitors a chance to abandon their shopping cart. Incorporate Guest Checkout option that can improve conversions



This is a trending technology and future of eCommerce, for delivering App like features to your Customers.

Product Comparison


Your Customers can compare up to three similar products and buy a product based on what best fits their requirement

Social Login


Don't test the patience of your website visitors with a tedious registration form. Let them login with their Face book or Gmail account and quickly start their journey on your eCommerce website

October 2018

Spurtcommerce v2.2 A more enhanced version with features matching recent industry trends

Product prices based on options


Set different prices for different product options/variants

Customer Multiple Addresses


Customer can add multiple addresses for shipping and billing. For each order, the Customer can select a particular address from multiple addresses for delivery

Ratings and Reviews


Customer can provide rating and review for each Product they purchase through the eCommerce Store

Category Image


Add images to different categories. Say for example, if books or electronics is a category, you can add a common image for that particular category

Discounted price for products


Along with original pricing, also set a discounted price for products

July 2018

Spurtcommerce v2.1 Releases as a bug-free and improved version of 2.0

Banner and CMS


You may upload banners and manage them as you want. You may edit or delete a banner. You may also view the list of uploaded banners. You can even search and filter banners to get a particular banner


Price all the products in your eCommerce website in multiple and foreign currencies and reach out to International Customers

Related Products


You can configure related products for every product and also show certain products as featured products

Featured Products


You can configure related products for every product and also show certain products as featured products

Product multiple images

You can add multiple images for single product to show different view from different directions and angles

November 2017

Spurtcommerce v2.0 Releases as a Free and Open source eCommerce with a Community

Multiple level category


Create multiple levels to categorize products and to narrow down product searches for the Customers

Wish List


A provision for your Customers to add products to their wish list, to buy later



With the Multi-language option feature, End-users/Visitors/Customers can view the entire content of the website in the language of their preference

Admin Media Gallery


Upload images into a gallery and then use them forever. You can create unlimited galleries to segregate and add images into a gallery and then add unlimited images in a particular gallery

Product multiple images


You can add multiple images for single product to show different view from different directions and angles

August 2017

Spurtcommerce v1.0 Begins its journey in the eCommerce, with its very basic features

Product Management


Upload unlimited products under unlimited categories, upload images for products and manage products with edit and delete options

Printable invoice


Your Customers can print the invoice for every order

Order Management


The Admin can view the details of all the orders, placed by all the Customers on the eCommerce website and they can keep a track of all the orders too

Multiple Color Layout


Choose a color of your choice for the complete page/layout to appear in the selected color

Cash on Delivery


The Customers can opt for cash on delivery option and make the payment when they receive their order at their door step