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Vendor Panel

The vendor dashboard on the ecommerce portal provides vendors with comprehensive insights into their performance and product statistics.

Vendors can easily track their sales view order details, view customer information, and update order statuses and shipping details.

Vendors can additionally, they can monitor earnings for each product they sell. For each of the product, they can see the total revenue earned and this will help them analyze which product of their's is doing better than others.

Allows vendors to effortlessly handle their product listings, including pricing, videos, and images. The dashboard also enables vendors to access customer details for orders placed with them.

To boost their marketing efforts, vendors can create customized coupons with specific validity periods, expiry dates, and discounts in either percentage or fixed amounts.

provide vendors with valuable data on their performance, offering the option to view reports for specific product categories or individual products, with the ability to filter by dates.

Facilitates communication between vendors and the portal owner or support representatives, ensuring vendors can seek help and assistance when needed.

Enables vendors to easily update their account information, manage passwords, and submit required documents for verification purposes.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Spurtcommerce instead of other open source solutions?

I do agree that Spurtcommerce has only the standard basic eCommerce features. What makes this solution unique is the technology stack on which it is built. It is built on the futuristic technologies of NodeJS and Angular. NodeJS is an asynchronous powerful framework that can make an eCommerce application 10x faster than other websites. The end result will be a light weight application that guarantees minimum time for page upload and 0.01 percent downtime. Angular offers an excellent UX/UI with very good user-friendliness, along with a good SEO compatibility.

Can you customize and add the features?

Yes, we do understand that eCommerce requirement of every business owner is unique, while Spurtcommerce has standard eCommerce features. If your business is unique, we shall take a detailed requirement from you on the features you are looking for. Then, we shall analyze the requirement and provide customization services accordingly. After customization, the final eCommerce product you will be getting will be exclusive for you and we shall not distribute it to any other Customer of ours. For customization services, you may send an email to support@spurtcommerce.com.

How do I download Spurtcommerce Shopping Cart Solution?

Once purchased, you will receive an access key to your registered email. On entering the access key, you will be validating your purchase, which will then allow you to download the Spurtcommerce Shopping Cart Solution. With the same access key, you may download any version of Spurtcommerce, even the future upgrades and versions too, for life time. However, the license will be provided for using the solution for single domain only.

What does the purchase of Spurtcommerce Shopping Cart Solution include?

On purchase of Spurtcommerce Shopping Cart Solution and validating your access key, you will receive the below mentioned files with complete source code of the following modules.
1) Admin.zip
2) Api.zip
3) Store.zip
4) spurtcommerce.sql

Do you provide any extended support?

Spurtcommerce Shopping Cart Solution has been completely tested for bugs to make it zero defect and bug free. However, should you encounter any bug, or should you face any issues in installation or deployment process, kindly connect with the Spurt team and they shall help you out.

How do I purchase Spurtcommerce Shopping Cart Solution?

1. Visit https://www.spurtcommerce.com/nodejs-shoppingcart-ecommerce-download
2. Find 'Get the latest Pro Edition : Spurtcommerce ( LTS )'
3. Click on the 'Pay Now' option below the features listed on the right hand side.
4. It will navigate you to the page, where you will find a simple form.
5. Fill in the form with your details and agree to the Terms & Conditions.
6. Click on the 'Pay now with PayPal' option.
7. Pay with your PayPal account and own the Spurtcommerce Shopping Cart Solution license.

I own a Physical Store and I want to have an eCommerce website for my business. However, I do not have any technical knowledge?

Do not worry that you do not have any technical knowledge, when you are an entrepreneur and a good businessman. You have still landed at the right page. You may use Spurtcommerce for getting a robust eCommerce website for your business. The team of Spurtcommerce is always ready to help people with no or less coding knowledge. We shall develop a powerful eCommerce application for your business using Spurtcommerce . For availing our development services, kindly write to support@spurtcommerce.com.

Will you be adding new features to the solution in future?

We do understand that eCommerce is one of the industries, which has seen a tremendous change in the trends in these years and it is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the globe. We need to be always on our toes when it comes to improving the solution and upgrading the solution with newer and more features to catch up with the latest eCommerce trends. We shall constantly make improvements and bring upgraded versions to the solution.

Will the Spurtcommerce solution I have downloaded get automatically upgraded to the newer version, every time when a new version is released?

No, the solution will not get automatically upgraded. Whenever there is a release of new and improved version of Spurtcommerce, we shall intimate you on the release through email, along with the link to download and upgrade the existing version of the solution to the new version.

Can I make modifications to the solution and sell it?

Spurtcommerce is a 'Community Version' and this means, it is free to download and free to use, for a cause of making the eCommerce development process faster and hassle-free, among the Developers' community. When you got the solution for free, then, every other person should also get the solution for free, with or without modifications. Selling this solution is strictly prohibited.