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Frequently Asked Questions

The support plan encompasses deployment support and services. By providing your cloud server details, we take care of the build deployment on your server.

Certainly, the Docker container runs either locally or on your server. Since it is within your account, you will have access to it.
The support plan offers flexible payment options on a monthly or yearly basis. You remain eligible for upgrades and build deployment services as long as you maintain an active subscription to the support plan.

Absolutely, you can continue operating the application. However, post-cancellation, you won't receive upgrades or deployment support.

During the shifting from support to source code purchase, you'll receive the source code for the Docker application. Contact us to receive a license agreement and purchase invoice. Following payment via bank wire transfer, we'll initiate the process of sending you the source code.
The Support Plan includes build deployment and Go Live Support. Utilize our dedicated support portal to raise tickets for any issues. For show-stopper and high-severity issues raised during working hours, expect a response within 2 to 3 hours.
Our objective is to provide upgrades approximately once every two months. However, it's important to note that upgrade releases are at the discretion of the Spurtcommerce team.

We accept the payment only through Bank Wire Transfer.

The Source Code access will be provided to you within 24 hours.
Yes, you shall enter into an agreement with Spurtcommerce eSolutions Pvt Limited for the purchase of Spurtcommerce Front End Pro and Spurtcommerce API Suite Packages.

Yes, the source code can be easily white-labelled to suit your unique branding and can also be fully customized as per your needs and requirements.

No, there are no restrictions, and the Source Code can be completely customized end-to-end.

Annual renewal charges are applicable for lifetime free upgrades in Spurtcommerce Support Package.

Front End Pro and API Suite packages, are eligible for life time free upgrades with a one-time payment only.

Yes, technical support is included for the purchase of Spurtcommerce Front End Pro and API Suite packages.

Spurtcommerce Support plan comes with the support for our Community Edition.

Yes, you can use the Source Code for multiple domains and its customizations.
Once you purchase the source code, we create an account for you in our dedicated support portal, where you can log in with your credentials and download the source code that you have purchased.
Whenever there is a release of new upgrade and version, we intimate you about it. You can then login to the same dedicated support portal and download the latest version.