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Importance of B2B e commerce solution

B2B e commerce solution allows you to build a digital storefront for business between manufacturers and wholesalers. Covid-19 has accelerated digital sales on the rise and many customers are likely inclining to digital channels throughout their purchasing journey than traditional sales model even post pandemic. 70% of the suppliers across many industries are expected to launch B2B e commerce platform in future that is trending to be more appealing for customers than any other traditional channels.

Unlike B2C marketing, a B2B company involves decision making and buying specifics to support a complex sales process that includes multiple decision makers, price negotiation and sales personalisation. Our solution built on robust technology provides inbuilt crucial features for smooth B2B operations and you can customize specific requisites to enhance efficient collaboration with your buyers.

If you don't currently offer an online sales portal, elevate your potential now with Spurtcommerce B2B solution. We have designed trending e commerce portals across many industries considering the crucial factors adapting right technology that suits their business operation model.

Spurtcommerce specialized features for B2B e commerce

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