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Advantage of building own components that can pack functionality along with rendering logic

Some insights on Angular that makes it a wonderful front-end technology for eCommerce

Helps in building reusable pieces of eCommerce logic and it goes well with web components as well

We got intuitive, time-saving tools to get our eCommerce Solution up and running as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Loads of resources to pull from for any updated news, troubleshooting problems, or debugging issues while building e-commerce app.

Effectiveness of AngularJS in terms of speedier eCommerce development process

With its awesome coding flexibility, Angular gave an edge to the Spurtcommerce team to build eCommerce solution like an expert.

Data Binding

Angular enables eCommerce developers to effortlessly move data from JavaScript code to the view, and react to user events without having to write any code manually

Dependency Injection

Angular enables eCommerce developers to write modular services and inject them wherever they are needed. This improves the testability and reusability of the same services.


Angular is a full-fledged framework for eCommerce and provides out-of-the-box solutions for server communication, routing within your application, and more.

Browser Compatibility

Angular being a cross-platform and compatible with multiple browsers, the eCommerce application can typically run on all browsers - Chrome, Firefox and OSes, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Spurtcommerce helps you develop an eCommerce portal in the latest tech stack

You might be having the most unique idea for eCommerce. Spurtcommerce can go over and beyond to meet those requirements for you.
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