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Feasibility to scale vertical and horizontally for an excellent eCommerce performance

Get insights on the ability of NodeJS to Scale up

The advantage of adding innumerable nodes to the core eCommerce code

Ability to scale vertically and horizontally by adding new capability paths and new resources to the eCommerce code.

Enormous facility to scale gives enough room to sustain the eCommerce business growth

Proved best for the robustness of eCommerce Portal

Spurtcommerce team evidenced that NodeJS enables quick scalability and in a short period of time, the eCommerce store can grow sustainably.

With the ability to scale up quickly

The Spurtcommerce team thoroughly analysed that NodeJS has the best ability for vertical scaling to help limitless core programming functions. Also, NodeJS gives the best advantage of horizontal scaling for adding of new resources to the eCommerce code. Overall, NodeJS helps the eCommerce application to grow in line with the eCommerce user demands.

Overall accessibility with a single programming language

Spurtcommerce team appreciated the quality of Nodejs being powered by JavaScript. Having the benefit to easily tie nodes into the full stack development, things became easier for front end developers to take on more difficult back-end programming tasks, without the necessity for any other server-side programming languages. This accelerates the entire eCommerce development process.

Efficient caching

Caching is one of the significant benefits of NodeJS that acts as a powerful tool to cache user data in eCommerce. Once the requests are made in-app memory, subsequently, requests cycle through execution and re-execution, while the nodes are still able to run efficiently.

Fast-to-market development

Node on JavaScript gives several benefits in terms of table, especially for the ease at which the developers can add more features. The extensive package management library opened us with enormous opportunities to introduce most of the eCommerce features in a short span of time.

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