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A Cross-Platform Mobile Technology that saved time and energy for us

Spurtcommerce team just had to write the code once and maintain it for two different apps.

Flutter’s hot reload feature made things super-handy for us as the changes immediately within seconds can be viewed on the App itself.

We could easily think about experimenting new eCommerce features with scope of improvising then and there.

How the unique ExpressJS features help us build the best eCommerce Solution

Spurtcommerce team found that Flutter is a very powerful mobile technology for an avant-garde eCommerce development experience.

Easily Accessible Native Features and SDKs

Our Spurtcommerce Mobile app development process got easy and delightful through Flutter’s native codes, third-party integrations, and platform APIs. We were easily able to access the native features and SDKs on both Android and iOS platforms and reuse the widely-used programming languages such as Kotlin and Swift.

Minimal Code

Flutter is developed using Dart programming language. Dart uses JIT and AOT compilation that helps improve the overall startup time, functioning and accelerates the performance. JIT enhances the development system with the hot reload function. It refreshes the UI without putting in the effort to building a new one.


In Flutter, the widgets are given an upper hand. It is capable of developing customizable and complex widgets. Most importantly, Flutter has all the sets of widgets from Material Design and Cupertino pack and it helps to provide a glitch-free experience.

Native Feel and Features

Flutter enables you to use your existing code Java, Obj-C and Swift to gain the key to native features which are platform specific. Camera and Geolocation are features connected with the use of native languages and offers you the convenience of working in the native language and, it provides access to the native features of both iOS and Android platforms.

Spurtcommerce helps you develop an eCommerce portal in the latest tech stack

You might be having the most unique idea for eCommerce. Spurtcommerce can go over and beyond to meet those requirements for you.
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