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Typescript provides highly productive development tools for JavaScript IDEs and practices.

TypeScript enhanced our eCommerce Solution Development in several ways

Saved us a lot of time with its static checking feature, as we did not have to look into the documentation.

It suggests all of the available options like Props in components or functions/classes in libraries for getting correct parameters.

Highly feasible as it runs everywhere - both on the front end of the application and with the NodeJS on the back end.

Typescript enhances code readability and makes it easily understandable for eCommerce Projects

Enables explicit writing of the code, makes it easier to debug, makes eCommerce development faster and approachable.

Prevents Bugs

Even if Typescript does not make the entire solution bug free, it prevents a lot of type related errors.

Documentation Plus Communication

Types act like another layer of documentation. They store valuable information in the code, which is extremely helpful for future software developers that will use your code.

Enables better design decisions

Defining data structures in the beginning, using types and interfaces, forces you to think about your app’s data structure from the start and make better design decisions.

Better Developer Experience

The functionality in Typescript comes easier and more intuitive for a software developer to write a program. One of the main conveniences is that you know not only the name of the variable, but also what kind of data it stores.

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