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The Virtual DOM features in ReactJS facilitates fast and flexible application development

Goodness of ReactJS based on its capacity to accelerate fast eCommerce development

The memory reconciliation algorithm in React can replicate a web page in its virtual memory.

With every modification in the eCommerce application, the virtual DOM re-renders the entire user interface.

In a virtual DOM representation, only the components that have actually changed are updated and not all components.

Effectiveness of ReactJS in terms of speedier eCommerce development process

Spurtcommerce team found React Storefront to be custom-built for eCommerce, including UI components and templates that are designed for eCommerce.

JavaScript XML

Is one of the most appreciable features in ReactJS that helps eCommerce Developers to create React components that is identical to the HTML and this can be injected in the web pages. This makes the entire process of writing the building blocks of ReactJS effortless and simple.

Component-based Architecture

The best part is the architecture of ReactJS that is component based. The UI of a React based mobile or web application is divided into multiple components and each component will have their own specific logic. The helps eCommerce developers to pass the data through out the application, without affecting the DOM.


The ability of ReactJS to provide high performance to eCommerce application happens through the virtual DOM and server-side rendering that creates even the large scale and complex apps to run incredibly fast.


Any online marketplace highly relies on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to gain a digital presence among online users and online shoppers. The back-end rendering in React JS eCommerce portals reduces load time and increases performance, thus making it better optimized for search engines.

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