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We are team of techies and we are highly passionate about exploring technologies for developing enterprise solutions.

Over the last ten years we’ve developed great web applications in various domains using the best practices and the most recent trends in technologies.

As we got deeper into exploring NodeJS and Angular technologies, we were pretty impressed with the flexibilities it offered in making the entire development process easier and faster.

When we found out what wonders NodeJS and Angular can create in building lightning speed high performing websites, we came up with an idea of developing an open source eCommerce solution using Node JS and Angular, which we thought would become highly useful, saving a lot of time and efforts for other smart Developers like us.

We have developed the solution under the umbrella of open source norms and we are aiming at forming a community with eCommerce business owners and developers, who can become an integral part of this community and help Spurtcommerce thrive.

How did we derive at the name Spurtcommerce?

According to Oxford Dictionary, the word ‘Spurt’ means, sudden marked burst or increase of activity or speed.

Adopting the smart Node JS for eCommerce business or converting an existing eCommerce websites that are built with other technologies, into a Node JS one, can bring this sudden marked burst in eCommerce business and increase its activity, by making the website speedier.

This is the reason for the name ‘Spurt’ for our open source eCommerce Solution and that is ‘SPURTCOMMERCE’.

Our Values

We the team behind Spurtcommerce aim to grow the community and we would love to engage with the community for the good cause of constantly improving Spurtcommerce and making it better and better, until it becomes the best.

We would love to see you all become an integral part of this Spurtcommerce community and contribute to this journey towards the success of Spurtcommerce.