Develop highly scalable Online Market Place with Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor Solution in as less time, using modern technologies.

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Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Alibaba, .... next can be your Online Multi-Vendor Market place

Develop 10x speedier, scalable and high performing Multi-Vendor Market Place in as less time and as less cost. Focus on quality and performance, instead of 'from the scratch' development process.

With all the standard and ready-to-use Multi-Vendor features, Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor Solution can simply build an empowering market place for a successful eCommerce business.

Look how Spurtcommerce can make the entire Development process seamless and hassle-free for building a scalable and high performing Multi-Vendor Market Place

  • A feature-rich smart solution
  • Save Development time to a large extent
  • Standard features for a full-fledged platform
  • Avoid costly development process
  • Know what you are going to develop
  • Understand it's worth before your purchase
  • Simulate scalability before you buy the solution
  • And many more....

Features in Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor Platform that makes it highly user-friendly and robust

  • Vendor Registration and Login
  • Vendor Dashboard
  • Order History
  • Status of Delivery
  • Payment History
  • Product Management
  • Product Delivery Management
  • Reviews
  • Account settings
  • Update Order Status
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Tracking Sales
  • Track payment
  • Track income/revenue
  • Vendor settlements
  • Admin Reports
  • Admin Settings
  • Vendor Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Commission Management
  • Set different types of commission

Are you an eCommerce start-up, building your first Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform? Spurtcommerce has proved great for both Start-ups and Entrepreneurs and will continue to prove good as your eCommerce business grows bigger. You can keep your eCommerce platform to the minimum, while you are still growing and then keep expanding it as your business grows. Overall, Spurtcommerce can prove highly scalable for your ever growing eCommerce business.

Do you already own an online business? Make your existing Multi-Vendor eCommerce platform 10 x speedier, increase traffic and conversions and make your eCommerce business successful. Migrating your existing Multi-Vendor eCommerce platform, to a newer and latest technology can become totally hassle-free with Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor eCommerce Solution.

Let's have a deeper look into the features in Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor and go through a more thoughtful approach for a smarter and scalable eCommerce development and business


Build an eCommerce Platform in its simplest manner for a highly volatile eCommerce Industry


Unique dashboard for every Vendor

Each Vendor, who signs up on the eCommerce platform will have a unique dashboard, where they can manage their products easily and track their product views, orders, sales and conversions.


Delivery Status updates

The Vendors can allocate a delivery boy for product delivery and change status of the delivery such as, ready to get dispatched, shipping in process, arriving today, delivered and so on.


Order History

The Vendors can see complete product order history and view the details of every order such as, the item name and number or code, amount of the item, name of the customer, who purchased, and so on.


Product Management

The complete and seamless product management process with adding products, adding the price for the product, earnings from the sale of a particular product and more.


Plug-in for Delivery Management

Spurtcommerce has been integrated with a smart plug-in that will enable Vendors to easily allocate a delivery boy for a product delivery and mention the pin/zip code and area of delivery. This is a smart tool for a easy delivery management process for Vendors.



Reviews are highly important in any eCommerce platform. According to an eCommerce Statistics report, 69% of online shoppers buy a product, only after reading good reviews about it. So, Spurtcommerce Solution has Reviews as one of the key features in it.


Customer Management

The Vendors can manage Customers from here. They can view the total number of Customers, make a Customer active or in-active and also edit Customer information. Overall, they can have the complete details of all the Customers through this module.


Bulk Price Updates

To make the price updating easy for Vendors, a provision has been provided where the Vendor can upload an excel sheet with the list of products and pricing in order to do a bulk update of pricing for several products at a time.



The Vendors can view their total earnings from the orders they received from the Customers. They can also keep a track of net earnings after the deduction of the commission.

First ever Multi-Vendor eCommerce Solution using the futuristic technologies of NodeJS and Angular

Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor Admin is the result of a deep thought process


Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor is a fully customizable and full-featured Market Place Solution. The Solution comes with complete source code that can be tweaked, forked and modified for your Multi-Vendor eCommerce business requirement. You can achieve an eCommerce Market place, without relying on any third party plugin.

The Multi-Vendor Admin is the thoughtfully designed for an easy and hassle-free management of the Vendor Portal. The Super Admin or the Owner of the Vendor Portal will have a dashboard that will give a complete overview on the activities and the status of the Vendor Portal. The Multi-Vendor Admin can generate various reports to track and analyze the performance of the Portal, say for example, Vendor reports, Sales and Revenue Reports, Commission earned through Vendors, Commission earned through Products and so on. The Admin can also set different types of commissions for Vendors, Products, Categories and more.

Once the Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor solution is purchased, you will become eligible for life-time free upgrades. The solution will be constantly upgraded to match the current eCommerce trend and industry demands.

Here's a comprehensive list that states the supremacy of Spurtcommerce

  • Full Source Code
  • Full Customizable
  • Full Featured
  • Clean code
  • Futuristic Technology
  • Industry's highest coding standards
  • Saves Development time
  • Saves Development cost
  • Full Support from Spurt Community
  • Life time free upgrades
  • Automated Deployment
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Re-usable Code
  • High performing
  • Node API for any front end
  • Constant upgrade and improvement of Solution

Yes, on purchase of Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor Solution, you will be receiving an access key in your email Id. On verifying the access key correctly, you will be able to download the complete and entire source code of Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor Solution.

With access to full source code, you will be able to customize the solution yourself. Alternatively, we do offer customization services. We have a team of Developers, who can offer the necessary services to you.

Yes, post customization services, we also provide long term support. We have an internal ticketing system, to which you will be provided access. You may raise a ticket there for any change requests or enhancements. We shall analyze the ticket, let you know the cost for the services and do the needful for you.

Yes, your purchase will hold good for life time. On every upgrade, you will receive an intimation about the same. You may use the same access key that was provided to you during your purchase of the solution, to download the new upgraded version. However, you shall use the upgrades only for your existing eCommerce platform that was built on Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor. For any new platform, you shall buy a new license.

Our purchase includes licensing for multiple domains. You may use and reuse the source code for customizing multiple domains - either of your own use or for your Clients' eCommerce businesses. However, you shall not resell the source code like how Spurtcommerce team does and you shall also not make the source code available for public use.

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