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Eliminated the several hours of need to code and saved time

The best Mobile App Framework that can be deployed for Multiple Platforms

The Spurtcommerce team used the feasibility of Ionic that could be deployed across multiple platforms – Android, iOS and Progressive Web App.

Required the writing of code just once without the need for repetition and this code could be run everywhere.

Ionic is built on the reliable and standard web technologies and Ionic API is stable that allows running Ionic app on multiple platforms.

Ionic works most feasibly for eCommerce Mobile and let us know how

The beautiful Ionic App templates gave an advantage to the Spurtcommerce team to build the Mobile App Storefront in a Pro manner.

Beautiful Design

The Ionic framework allows us to build a clean, simple, and functional eCommerce application. It is designed to work and display beautifully across multiple platforms. The Ionic application contains pre-designed components, typography, interactive paradigms, and a gorgeous base theme.


The Ionic framework built with simplicity, easy to learn, and can be accessible to anyone with web development skills.

Cordova Plugin

It offers the API which needed for using native device functions with JavaScript code.

Empowered by Angular

Angular is responsible for making the Ionic great. While the core components work as a standalone web component library, the angular package makes the integration with angular ecosystem a breeze. The angular package includes all the functionality that angular developers would expect and integrates with Angular core libraries.

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