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Flutter popular choice among developers for creating custom ecommerce websites

Flutter is the popular choice to create highly responsive, platform independent e-commerce mobile apps.
Smitha Adarsh
April 27, 2023 1139 Views 3 Min Read

Nowadays mobile devices are becoming more advanced and user-friendly, making it easier for people to shop and make purchases on-the-go. Building user-friendly, responsive, and cost-effective mobile apps is indeed a challenging task for e-commerce platforms to stay ahead of the competition. In this phase, cross development frameworks play a crucial role which allows developers to build apps that are compatible with multiple platforms, such as iOS and android. The e-commerce platforms can ensure that users have a seamless experience, regardless of the device they use.

Flutter, an open-source mobile application development framework built by google, has gained popularity among e-commerce platforms for its ability to create highly responsive and user-friendly mobile apps. The apps built on flutter use Dart programming language that is object-oriented and open source. It is an overall complete SDK to build apps.

What is Flutter?

A Flutter is a google built UI software development kit, with the help of which you can develop applications for multiple platforms with the same codebase. Using just one codebase, applications for Android, Mac, Linux, ios, web and Google Fuchsia can be developed.

Flutter mobile apps are gaining an immense popularity in the market because the apps built with Flutter capture the user’s attention with its properties like unified animation, faster time to market, affordability, and high performance. It is possible due to the Skia engine, dart programming language, Material Design and Cupertino Widgets used by Flutter.

Let’s see why Flutter has achieved the rise in popularity and its features that make it the top pick for mobile app development.

The key features of flutter

Flutter allows developers to build apps that are fast, secure, and scalable, making the development process more efficient and cost-effective. Let’s see some of the features that make it unique in the mobile app development industry.


One of the noteworthy features about Flutter is that it is an open-source language with numerous design options. Developers can have access to the source code of Flutter, which allows them to understand how the framework works and customize it to suit their needs.

Backed by advanced API

The flutter framework is supported by advanced API. Due to this quick, clean, and smooth app animations can be built.

Easy integration with the existing app

Flutter provides a rich set of APIs and tools to help you seamlessly integrate Flutter widgets into your existing app. This streamlines the new UI in the old app.

Hot reload feature

Hot reload feature enables developers to experiment and iterate on their code quickly and easily without having to go through a lengthy build process or restarting the app.

Platform independent development

With a single codebase, Flutter can get work efficient on any platform, including iOS, Android, web, desktop, and more. The framework handles all the platform-specific differences, such as differences in APIs, screen sizes, and input methods, so there is no burden of writing separate code for each platform.

Supports various IDE’s

Flutter supports various IDE’s including Visual Studio Code, Xcode, and Android Code among others. Developers can choose the tool that they are most comfortable with or the one that best suits their development needs.

What makes Flutter the top pick for creating custom e-commerce websites

Let’s see some of Flutter’s major characteristics and make it a good option for creating custom e-commerce websites.

Cross-platform development

Flutter allows developers to create apps for both Android and iOS platforms using a single codebase, which saves time and reduces costs compared to developing separate apps for each platform. This makes development faster, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Faster development

Flutter’s hot reload feature enables developers to make changes to their code and see the results in real-time, which significantly speeds up the development process. As a result, the overall process of app deployment becomes easy. There is extensive documentation that is of great help to developers to initialize the project and further helps to solve the problems and challenges encountered during the project.

Customizable widgets

Flutter comes with an extensive set of customizable widgets catalog as these widgets are the structural elements wrapped with the material to create beautiful and engaging user interfaces and styling aspects like padding, setting fonts, etc. Hence, developers customize these ready-to-use widgets and compose their widgets in the multiple stages of the project.This reduces the need for custom design work and allows developers to focus on app functionality.

High performance

Flutter with a huge number of widgets helps creating apps that follow a material design. The Material motion system for Flutter helps make the smooth transition between UI elements and helps to give a smooth and appealing interface. Flutter has in-built adjustments like GUI rendering, gestures, and animation that allows developers to control each pixelated element on display. Thus it enhances the framework’s capability to make a smooth and rich app with a custom layout.

Strong community support

Flutter has a growing community of developers who contribute to open-source projects, provide support and guidance, and share best practices. This helps developers to learn and adopt new features quickly and efficiently.

Firebase integration

This integration allows developers to leverage Firebase’s suite of services such as cloud storage, real-time database, authentication, and analytics to build high-quality and scalable mobile applications using Flutter’s powerful framework.


Building an app with native tools is an expensive affair for start-ups as different codes need to be written for developing applications for the operating system. On the other hand, Flutter requires only a single codebase to create applications that can work efficiently on any platform. Thus it reduces the cost of development and effort to build an app on different platforms.


Undoubtedly flutter is the best option for creating an e-commerce mobile app that is fast, secure, and scalable, with a seamless user experience across different devices and platforms. For the new start-ups that are looking to launch their app at budget-friendly prices, Flutter is the best option that allows building apps compatible with both Android and iOS with a single codebase.

Spurtcommerce solutions leverage Flutter for mobile app development providing seamless and uniform user experience across diverse platforms and devices.