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Related Products Addon

On purchase of this addon, you get full source code of related APIs and its front-end.

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Last Update Jan 10th 2023

Released Oct 12th 2022

Addon Version v.1.0

File Size 2MB

Downloads 6

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Works formidable when the eCommerce portal has to show similar and related products for a particular product. This feature is must required for presenting multiple choices and wide range of choices to the Customers. 


• In the 'Add Product' form, the admin can add related products to a particular product.

• They can select the products from the list of products available in the drop down. On selecting a particular product, it gets added as a related product, under the main product.

• They can add one or more related products to any particular product.

• On the storefront, related products will appear after the product details in the product detail page.

• The Customers can navigate to the detail pages of related products.