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Abandoned Cart and Cart Tracking

On purchase of this addon, you get full source code of related APIs and its front-end.



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Last Update July 20th 2023

Released July 20th 2023

Addon Version v.1.0

File Size 2 MB

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Spurtcommerce now comes with a new addon called 'Abandoned Cart' with the cutting-edge "Cart Tracking and Follow-up" feature, designed to empower administrators in optimizing customer engagement and increasing sales conversions. This feature offers a seamless and efficient way to manage customer shopping carts, ensuring that no potential sales opportunity is missed.


  • Keep track of customers who currently have items in their shopping carts. The real-time "Live Cart" view on the admin dashboard provides instant insight into active shoppers.
  • Automatically categorize carts as "Abandoned" after 24 hours of inactivity. Admins can access the "Abandoned Cart" list to re-engage customers who didn't complete their purchases.
  • Send personalized follow-up messages to customers with abandoned carts and remind them about the carts that were left without purchasing.