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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions

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Spurtcommerce FAQs

  • 1.What are the technical requirements?

  • Spurtcommerce is a platform-independent web-based application, meaning it is compatible with all operating systems. To install and run Spurtcommerce, the following components are required Nodejs 16.14.0, NPM 5.6, Angular CLI 13.3.5 .

    Should you still face any issues despite meeting the above technical requirements, feel free to seek help from the community by visiting community.spurtcommerce.com or write to support@spurtcomerce.com for paid help.

  • 2. Are there any cost associated with using Spurtcommerce?

  • Spurtcommerce is an open source solution, which is free to download and use. You can modify and share the software. You may use it for commercial purposes as well, for developing an eCommerce website for someone and you may charge only for the services you offered to them. However, you shall not sell Spurtcommerce because, when you got it for free, others also should get it for free.

  • 3. I am facing a problem with my service provider using Spurtcommerce. Can I get help from you?

  • Spurtcommerce has no association with any third party using this solution for providing services to their customers. Kindly contact them directly. For any direct queries regarding Spurtcommerce solution, barring the services offered by your service provider, you may seek help by visiting community.spurtcommerce.com.

  • 4. Can you customize and add the features?

  • Yes, we do understand that eCommerce requirement of every business owner is unique, while Spurtcommerce 4.8.4 has standard eCommerce features. If your business is unique, we shall take a detailed requirement from you on the features you are looking for. Then, we shall analyze the requirement and provide customization services accordingly. After customization, the final eCommerce product you will be getting will be exclusive for you and we shall not distribute it to any other Customer of ours. For customization services, you may send an email to support@spurtcommerce.com.

  • 5. How do I download Spurtcommerce 'Pro'?

  • Once purchased, you will receive an access key to your registered email. On entering the access key, you will be validating your purchase, which will then allow you to download the Spurtcommerce 'Pro'. With the same access key, you may download any version of Spurtcommerce, even the future upgrades and versions too, for life time. However, the license will be provided for using the solution for single domain only.

  • 6. How do I purchase Spurtcommerce 'Pro'?

  • 1. Visit https://www.spurtcommerce.com/nodejs-shoppingcart-ecommerce-download
    2. Find 'Get the latest Pro Edition : Spurtcommerce 4.8.4 ( LTS )'
    3. Click on the 'Pay Now' option below the features listed on the right hand side.
    4. It will navigate you to the page, where you will find a simple form.
    5. Fill in the form with your details and agree to the Terms & Conditions.
    6. Click on the 'Pay now with PayPal' option.
    7. Pay with your PayPal account and own the Spurtcommerce 'Pro' license.

  • 7. Can I sell Spurtcommerce solution?

  • Spurtcommerce is an open source free solution and you may download it and customize it for your own use. You shall strictly not sell the solution.

  • 8. Can I use Spurtcommerce for commercial use?

  • Yes, you may use Spurtcommerce for developing eCommerce websites for your Clients. You may charge for your services. You shall do so without changing the logo of Spurtcommerce in the back end.

  • 9. How can Spurtcommerce help the Developer?

  • Spurtcommerce is open source solution and free to download. You may download and use the solution and customize it. This will help you in quick and easy, a hassle-free and a cost effective development process.

  • 10. How can Spurtcommerce help the Shop Owner?

  • The solution comes with complete source code and you can customize it for your eCommerce business requirement. If you require the help of a Developer for customization, you may either seek help by visiting community.spurtcommerce.com or write to us at support@spurtcommerce.com for paid customization services.

  • 11. Can I change the logo of Spurtcommerce in the backend and sell it in the name of another brand?

  • You shall download the solution and use it for your own personal use or for customizing the solution for your Client's requirement. You shall strictly not change the logo of Spurtcommerce in the back end and you shall strictly not sell the solution under a different brand name.

  • 12. May I use the solution for developing an eCommerce website to one of my Clients?

  • Yes, you may use this solution for your Client's eCommerce requirement. However, do not change the logo of Spurtcommerce in the backend.

  • 13. Will you provide technical support?

  • For any technical support, you may seek help by visiting community.spurtcommerce.com. You may also write to support@spurtcommerce.com for a paid support.

  • 14. How will I come to know on the upgrades to Spurtcommerce?

  • Whenever there is an upgrade to Spurtcommerce and a new release of the latest version of Spurtcommerce, we shall intimate you through email, along with the instructions to upgrade the existing Spurtcommerce version.

  • 15. What does the purchase of Spurtcommerce 'Pro' include?

  • On purchase of Spurtcommerce 'Pro' and validating your access key, you will receive the below mentioned files with complete source code of the following modules.
    1) Admin.zip
    2) Api.zip
    3) Store.zip
    4) spurtcommerce.sql

  • 16. Do you provide any extended support?

  • Spurtcommerce 'Pro' has been completely tested for bugs to make it zero defect and bug free. However, should you encounter any bug, or should you face any issues in installation or deployment process, kindly connect with the Spurt team and they shall help you out.