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Every Small Business should have an Online Store by 2020. Here's Why

Gone or those days of general Indian mentality of purchasing only by visiting a physical store. Today, online purchase has seen a huge surge. eCommerce Companies like Amazon and Flip Kart have seen a rising popularity, entirely changing the minds of people, who were at once the shoppers only in physical stores.

Smitha Adarsh
July 11, 2019 1731 Views 5 Min Read
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13 Tips to Choose the Right eCommerce Platform For Your B2C eCommerce Business

B2C eCommerce has emerged as a revolution in the retail industry. We cannot certainly deny that the User's preference for online shopping on B2C eCommerce platforms are becoming a popular choice for businesses that are now planning to go online.

Smitha Adarsh
July 09, 2019 2029 Views 6 Min Read