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Vendor Settlement Report

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Efficient Vendor Payout Management with Settlement Report    

Streamline your vendor payout process with the Settlement Report feature, offering administrators a comprehensive tool to manage vendor settlements seamlessly. Customize your analysis by specifying date ranges, filtering settled or not settled parameters, and selecting individual or multiple vendors. Additionally, refine the report based on order status, enabling strategic settlements post order delivery. Export the generated report to Excel for further analysis and collaboration.    


Key Features:   


Custom Date Ranges: Tailor your analysis by selecting specific date ranges, facilitating a dynamic assessment of vendor settlements.    


Settled or Not Settled Filters: Choose to view settlements based on their status—whether settled or not settled—for efficient tracking and management.   


Vendor-Specific Analysis: Select one or more vendors to generate detailed reports, providing insights into individual vendor settlements.    


Order Status Refinement: Refine settlements based on order status, allowing for strategic payouts post order delivery for enhanced accuracy.    


Excel Export Option: Export the generated settlement report directly to Excel, facilitating further data manipulation and collaborative analysis.    


The Settlement Report feature enhances the transparency and efficiency of vendor payout management. By offering customizable options for date ranges, settlement status, vendor selection, and order status refinement, administrators can make informed decisions and foster positive vendor relationships. Exporting the report to Excel adds flexibility for comprehensive data analysis and collaboration.