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Roles and Permission

Discover the rich array of features offered by Spurtcommerce Marketplace Solution through an in-depth walkthrough. Uncover its seamless functionality and intuitive workflow, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for eCommerce Administrators, Vendors and Customers.

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Effortless Access and Permission Management for Enhanced Security    

Elevate your administrative control with the Access and Permission feature, providing a robust system for creating, managing, and assigning roles and permissions. Tailor access to modules, ensuring that each role and user has precisely defined privileges, enhancing security and operational efficiency.    


Key Functionality:    


Admin Roles and Permissions: The super admin can create distinct admin roles and meticulously assign permissions to each role. This process defines which modules and functionalities are accessible, offering a granular approach to control.    


Role-Based Access: Different roles are granted specific permissions, allowing access to designated modules. This ensures that each admin role has the appropriate level of privilege tailored to their responsibilities.    


User Roles and Permissions: The super admin has the flexibility to create individual users and assign them to specific roles. Users inherit the permissions associated with their assigned role, streamlining access control.    


Super Admin Control: The super admin maintains centralized control, dictating which roles have access to certain modules and restricting access to others. This hierarchical approach optimizes security and workflow management.    




Customized Access: Tailor access for different admin roles based on their responsibilities and functions, fostering a secure and organized administrative environment.    


Operational Efficiency: Streamline workflows by providing each user with access only to the modules and functionalities relevant to their role, minimizing clutter and optimizing productivity.    


Security Enhancement: Bolster security by restricting access to sensitive modules, ensuring that users and roles only interact with the functionalities essential to their tasks.    


The Access and Permission feature empowers super admins to finely tune the administrative landscape, offering a structured and secure environment. By defining roles, assigning permissions, and managing user access, this feature enhances operational efficiency while ensuring the integrity and security of your ecommerce portal.