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Localization Feature

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Streamlined Localization for Your Ecommerce Business    

Effortlessly adapt your ecommerce business to specific countries and regions with the Localization feature, providing a seamless configuration of essential parameters tailored to your target market.   


Country: Maintain a master list of countries to configure the specific country to which your ecommerce business belongs. Choose from the available options in the general settings to accurately define your business's location.   


Language: Offer a personalized experience for international customers by adding different languages. Enable customers to choose their preferred language from the storefront, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.    


Zone: Effectively manage geographic zones by maintaining a master list of countries. Choose the relevant zone in the general settings to accurately configure the geographic area to which your ecommerce business belongs.    


Currency: Simplify the shopping experience by maintaining a master list of currencies. Choose the preferred currency from this list in the general settings, ensuring that product prices are displayed in the local currency on the ecommerce portal.    


Tax: Efficiently handle taxes by adding various applicable taxes for products sold on the ecommerce portal. During product listing, select the relevant tax to accurately state the applicable tax on the product's price, ensuring compliance with local tax regulations.    


The Localization feature streamlines the adaptation of your ecommerce business to diverse regions, offering flexibility and precision in configuring essential elements such as country, language, zone, currency, and taxes. This ensures a tailored and compliant ecommerce experience for your customers.