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Promotional Widgets

Discover the rich array of features offered by Spurtcommerce Marketplace Solution through an in-depth walkthrough. Uncover its seamless functionality and intuitive workflow, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for eCommerce Administrators, Vendors and Customers.

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Strategically Curate Your Home Page with Promotional Widgets    

Optimize your storefront's visual appeal and promotional impact with the Promotional Widgets feature, offering administrators the ability to curate a captivating home page. Craft attention-grabbing widgets with appealing names, descriptions, and precise mappings of products or entire category. The added flexibility of specifying positions ensures strategic placement, allowing administrators to determine the sequence in which these widgets appear on the home page.    


Key Features:    


Strategic Widget Creation: Craft visually appealing widgets with captivating names for an immediate impact.    


Home Page Positioning: Specify positions for each promotional widget to control the sequence and prominence on the home page.    


Product or Category Mapping: Map individual products or entire categories to widgets, tailoring your promotional strategy to suit your goals.   


Interactive Customer Experience: Enhance user engagement by seamlessly redirecting customers to specific product pages upon clicking within the widget.    


Horizontal Category Scroll: If a category is mapped, showcase all products horizontally scrolled for an interactive shopping experience.    


The Promotional Widgets feature not only empowers administrators to create visually stunning widgets but also provides control over their positioning on the home page. This strategic approach ensures an impactful and user-friendly shopping experience, maximizing the effectiveness of your promotional efforts.