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Discover the rich array of features offered by Spurtcommerce Marketplace Solution through an in-depth walkthrough. Uncover its seamless functionality and intuitive workflow, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for eCommerce Administrators, Vendors and Customers.

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Optimize Your Online Presence with SEO Management in CMS    

Maximize your website's visibility and reach with the SEO Management feature within the CMS. This robust tool empowers administrators to enhance the search engine optimization of various elements, including categories, products, blogs, and pages. Elevate your online presence and improve search engine rankings by tailoring SEO settings to each aspect of your eCommerce platform.   


Key SEO Features:    


Category Optimization: Fine-tune category SEO settings to ensure each product category is easily discoverable by search engines.    


Product SEO Enhancement: Optimize individual product SEO settings for higher visibility in search engine results.    


Blog SEO Customization: Tailor SEO settings for blogs, optimizing content for improved search engine ranking and discoverability.    


Page SEO Configuration: Customize SEO settings for pages, ensuring each page is optimized for relevant search queries.    


Site Map Generation: Simplify search engine indexing with automatic site map generation, enhancing overall website accessibility.    


The SEO Management feature within CMS empowers administrators to take control of their website's search engine optimization. By customizing SEO settings for categories, products, blogs, and pages, and utilizing site map generation, you can significantly improve your eCommerce platform's online visibility and reach.