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Manage Tier Price

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Strategic Pricing with Tier Price Management

Empower administrators to implement dynamic pricing strategies with the Tier Price Management feature, designed to provide discounts on bulk purchases. Imagine a scenario where an eCommerce store sells a popular item, let's say a smartphone. The admin utilizes the Tier Price Management feature to create pricing slabs based on quantity, offering customers enticing discounts for buying in larger quantities.


Key Features:


  • Admins create a tiered pricing structure for the smartphone, defining slabs based on quantity breakpoints.
  • Example:
    • Buy 5 smartphones at $200 each.
    • Buy 10 smartphones at $190 each.
    • Buy 20 smartphones at $180 each.
  • Specify discounted per-item costs for each pricing slab to incentivize bulk purchases.
  • Example:
    • For 6 smartphones, the cost per item automatically adjusts to $190, providing customers with a $10 discount per unit.
  • Fine-tune quantity-based pricing by setting distinct costs for varying product quantities.
  • Example:
    • Adjust the pricing slabs to align with business objectives, offering a more significant discount for higher quantities.
  • Streamline bulk purchase processes by providing customers with transparent tiered pricing options.
  • Example:
    • Customers who buy 10 smartphones receive a per-item cost of $180, encouraging them to consider buying in larger quantities and saving money.

The Tier Price Management feature enables administrators to implement a strategic approach to pricing, fostering customer loyalty and optimizing sales. With customizable slabs and tiered discounts, this feature ensures that your eCommerce platform is well-equipped to handle varying customer preferences and encourage bulk purchases.