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Product Variants

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Enhanced Product Variations with Product Variant Feature


Elevate your eCommerce portal with the Product Variant feature, seamlessly incorporated into your marketplace solution to showcase multiple variations of a single product. Whether it's different colors, sizes, or other specifications, this functionality ensures clarity in presenting diverse product forms to your end-customers. The intuitive system applies a simple rule for incorporating multiple variants, making your product listings more dynamic and appealing.


Master Variants Creation:

  • The admin can effortlessly create a master list of variants, such as Color or Size.
  • Flexibility of adding different variant values under each master variant.

Listing Variants for Products:

  • When listing a main product, administrators can easily choose from the created variants, presenting various options for the same product.
  • Specify different pricing for each variant, tailoring the cost based on the chosen specifications.
  • Efficiently manage inventory by specifying the quantity stock available for each variant separately.
  • Ensure accurate representation of product availability and prevent overselling.

Inventory Management for Variants

  • Each variant under the same product is assigned a unique SKU, prefixed by a designated SKU prefix and followed by a unique number.
  • Simplify tracking and management with distinct SKUs for every variant.
  • Specify different quantities and stock availability for each variant separtaely.

Unique SKU Allocation:


The Product Variant feature empowers administrators to showcase product diversity effectively, enhancing the customer shopping experience. With streamlined variant creation, pricing customization, and inventory management, this feature ensures that your eCommerce portal is ready to meet the demands of a dynamic marketplace.