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Product Attribute Feature

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Effortless Product Specification with Attribute Management Feature

Simplify the portrayal of product characteristics in your eCommerce portal with our Product Attribute  feature. This out-of-the-box functionality proves invaluable for defining products by providing comprehensive specifications such as size, color, measurements, weight, fabric, style, and other key features that customers need to know. The feature seamlessly provides your platform with a  hassle-free approach to product detailing.


Key Features:

  • Create attribute groups to categorize various attributes. For instance, a laptop can serve as an attribute group.
  • Streamline organization by adding various attributes under the designated attribute group.

Attribute Group Creation:

  • Map attributes to specific products, allowing for detailed specifications.
  • Provide product specifications in a free-text box while mapping attributes. For example, for the "operating system" attribute, input specifications like "Windows 11."

Attribute Specification Mapping:

  • Once attributes are added and mapped, they seamlessly display as product specifications on the product detail page.
  • Enhance customer understanding by presenting comprehensive details about product characteristics and features.

Product Detail Page Display:


The Attribute Management feature empowers administrators to effortlessly showcase product specifications, enhancing the overall customer experience. By enabling the creation of attribute groups, adding detailed attributes, and mapping them to products, this feature ensures that your eCommerce portal accurately communicates the unique features of each product to potential buyers.