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Common Products

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The Common Product feature in Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor is designed to address the issue of duplication and confusion when multiple vendors are selling the same product. Here's an overview of how this feature works:


The administrator uploads a product to the platform with all the relevant details, such as product title, description, images, and any other necessary information.


Admin Product Upload:

  • Instead of allowing each vendor to individually upload the same product, the platform uses a common product concept. This means that there is a single product entry for a specific item shared among multiple vendors.

Common Product Concept:

  • Vendors who want to sell the same product can select the common product from the list. They have the ability to customize certain aspects of the product, such as updating stock levels and setting their own prices.

Vendor Customization:

  • When a customer views the product detail page, they see the information originally uploaded by the admin. This includes the primary details like product title, description, and images.

Product Detail Page:

  • Below the common product details, customers can see a section that displays the different vendors selling the same product. This section includes information specific to each vendor, such as their available stock and the price they have set for the product.

Vendor-Specific Information:

  • Vendors have the flexibility to manage their own stock levels and adjust prices as needed. Changes made by each vendor are reflected in real-time on the product detail page.

Stock and Price Updates:

  • By implementing the Common Product feature, the platform minimizes the occurrence of duplicated product entries, streamlining the shopping experience for both customers and vendors. It also helps in maintaining consistency in product information.

Reduced Duplication and Confusion:

  • When a customer places an order for the common product, the system ensures that the order is attributed to the specific vendor from whom the customer made the purchase.

Order Processing:


In summary, the Common Product feature in Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor promotes efficiency and clarity by allowing multiple vendors to sell the same product without duplicating information. It provides a centralized approach to managing common products while offering vendors the flexibility to customize certain details according to their business needs.