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A Nigerian Company that's thriving in this digital era through their velocity of innovation and experimentation.


Nugi Technologies is a leading ICT solution giant in Africa with a crave for world class technological innovations that cuts across all spheres of life and delivered with impeccable strategies. Their incredible team of industry's experts are focused on delivering quality solutions coupled with impressive client support. Their vision is to enhance society by providing human-centered software services. They understand that embarking on the vital mission of attracting, developing, and retaining clients from a rich variety of experiences is their starting point to enhancing a society. Nugitech brings to the table a fresh vantage point in IT, with their Ideas and solutions that are all current, relevant and purposeful. It is their commitment to these that determines their resolve for excellence.

Proud Moment

Nugitech has a lot of potential to reach great heights. There are a lot of IT brands and solutions out in the market, and they do work in partnership alongside most of them. What gives them an advantage is their team and their prime technical competence and experience that determines their course through the years. Much of Nugitech′s strategies and plans rely on building up local Nigerian- African based culture and competencies, sustaining that through home grown technical ingenuity. They are passionate about partnerships that allow them to build great products, they listen, they pay attention to details and above all, they always understand their needs. This enables them to deliver solutions that not only meet their needs, but also surpasses their expectations. The Spurtcommerce is proud to have partnered with Nugi Technologies for one of their eCommerce projects.

  • Industry Type

    Information Technology

  • Country

    nigeria-flag Nigeria

  • Type of business

    Software for various businesses


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