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A small business idea of installation/repair is now a manufacturing giant specializing in cooling and heating products and equipments.


It all started for supplying spare parts and carrying out maintenance on all kinds of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment has now expanded into manufacturing all cooling and refrigerator goods. Alhasawi always abides by its rigid quality control and testing practices. Their quality control team emphasizes the importance of thoroughly examining and testing the quality of products. Testing starts right from the point of incoming raw materials and it goes through out the manufacturing and production process thus ensuring quality and performance at the final delivery stage.

Proud Moment

Alhasawi Group is one of the leading manufacturers in Kuwait, specializing in cooling and heating products and equipment. All products are designed and manufactured by Alhasawi, providing top quality and consistency across all its units. Having grown to become the industry leader in the heating and cooling industry, their mission is to provide their customers with reliable and quality products and services. Spurtcommerce is proud to have partnered with Alhasawi group for implementation of online buying and selling in their business area.

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    Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Air-conditioners manufacturing.


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