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Galvintec's history dates back to 70 years with a story of perseverance, effort, determination and enthusiasm.


Galvintec is a division of the Alvariño Group, which is headquartered in Vigo, Spain. The Organization mainly focuses on providing technology-based solutions, specialized in the Iot world and business digitization processes. With the support, guarantee and experience of 50 years of management, the team at Galvintec is committed to innovation and also at the same time they aim at satisfying the changing needs of their Clients. The team goes over and beyond to continuously adapt their processes to produce a wide range of quality products and services. Customer satisfaction has always been their primary criterion to determine the performance of their organization. The management team at Galvintec has instilled this value in each and every person working n their company.

Proud Moment

Apart from their competence in the industry, Galvintec also holds strong values in terms of work environment and well-being of employees. They strongly believe in two-way communication, personal development, trust and recognition of achievement. Also, Zero tolerance for corruption: their strategies and operations are anchored in the principles of good corporate governance. They do not tolerate any form of corrupt treatment with their stakeholders. They have maintained ethical relationships with suppliers, employees, government, consumers, and regulatory authorities. Spurtcommerce is proud to have associated with an organization like Galvintec, with a long history of industrial achievements and ethical values.

  • Industry Type

    Software & IT

  • Country

    spain Spain

  • Type of business

    Technology based Solutions, IOT, Digitization


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