Spurtcommerce abides by the Top 10 OWASP standards to ensure Total Web Security. Know How
Spurtcommerce abides by the Top 10 OWASP standards to ensure Total Web Security. Know How

A thoughtfully designed Vendor Application that makes online selling flawless

The features in the Vendor Application are such that it makes the entire journey of online selling smooth sailing to the Vendors. It has all the features for an end-to-end online selling and Store Management.

Vendor Login and Registration

The Vendor Registration and Login process in Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor solution is simple yet secured process.

The Admin can register a Vendor in just a few simple steps and the Vendor will be all ready to come on-board into the Market place and start their online store journey in the application.



The Vendor dashboard will have the complete overview on the activities of the Vendor and their Online store.

They can have a quick view on the number of products in their online store, number of visitors to their online store, total orders placed, total sales that happened from their dashboard.

They can also navigate to different section of their Application, through their dashboard.

Product Management

The Product Management in the Vendor Application has been carefully designed for the Vendors to easily add products, sell them and manage them with complete ease.

The Vendors can add products, description and images.

We have provided a provision for bulk price update, where the Vendors can upload an excel sheet with the list of products and pricing in order to do a bulk update of pricing for several products at a time.

The Vendors can also keep track of the earnings from the sale of products and also view the price history for each product, if they have changed the pricing for the same product over a period of time.


Order Management

The Vendors can view all the orders that have been placed by the Customers. They can view the complete order history of a particular Customer too.

Once the order is placed, they can allocate a delivery person to fulfill the online order and they can also change the order status to update the status of the orders to the Customers.



The Vendors can have complete track of the payment they have received for their every order. They can also view the total payment/net income for each order or sale after the deduction of the commission.

They can track the payment received for each product, product category and the total payment received from all the orders.

Delivery Management

Delivery is one of the primary and main aspects of Online shopping and Delivery Management is one of the major aspects that needs to be proper in place.

The Vendor can add delivery staffs and they can add a new delivery staff as and when required. They can add different delivery locations, where they can ship the products.


Update Order Status

The Vendors can move products from order placed to paid for the order after receiving payment and then from there to allocated, after a delivery staff has been assigned for delivery and so on.


Vendor Profile

The 'My Account' Section on Vendor application is for the Vendors to maintain their profile and other important information like bank account information and so on.