Vendor Products

Vendor Products are the products listed by a Vendor from their Vendor Panel. Every Vendor, will have their control over the products they have listed. They can completely manage them on their own of editing or deleting or adding any additional information to the listed products too. 


Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Products ‣ Product List

Product List

  • The Vendor can view the list of products listed by them, along with the details of product name, the category to which the product is mapped, image, price and the commission that gets deducted.
  • The Vendor can activate a product (only after the Admin has approved the product).
  • The Vendor can click on a product and edit the product details.
  • The Vendor can also delete a product, if they no longer want to list the product.
  • From the list of products, the Vendor can search for particular products, with a title or a category name.