Product Question and Answer

Product Questions and Answers helps in providing with essential and useful information to Customers about Product. Also, the provision for asking questions about products on Storefront and provision for Vendors being able to answer those questions from the Vendor Panel is a good feature to have. This feature increases the creditibility of the eCommerce Portal, by establishing a trust between Vendors and Customers.


Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Products

  • You will see the list of products that you have added.
  • Find the ‘?’ icon adjacent to a particular product.
  • You will be navigated to the page, where you can add a question and answer for that product.
  • Click on ‘Add Question’.
  • Then, add question and post answer and click on ‘Post’.
  • Once the question gets added, you may either enable or disable, using the toggle.

Answering Customer Posted Question:

  • You can click on the ‘?’ adjacent to the product.
  • You will find the question posted by the Customer.
  • You can click on the question and answer. You can then post it.
  • From the list page of the questions, you can either enable or disable the question.