Inventory and Stock Update

This is an important section, through which Vendor can keep track of Inventory and stock of products and also get stock alerts. 

Vendor Panel -> Products -> Inventory Products

  • The Vendor has to set the inventory and stock alert configuration for each SKU separately. 
  • The Vendor can enter the out of stock threshold - the indicator for the product out of stock. 
  • Then, the Vendor has to provide a number as a point for getting the running out of stock alert. 
  • Next, the Vendor can specify minimum quantity for purchase and maximum quantity for purchase, if they want to encourage bulk purchase. E.g., the minimum quantity for order can be 10 and maximum quantity for order can be 50. 
  • Next, the Vendor can enable back orders if they want to encourage Customers to place the order even when the product is out of stock. When a Customer places an order for an out of stock product, such orders will get stored in the Back Orders that can be viewed by the Vendors from Orders -> Back Orders. 
  • Once the Inventory and stock management configuration is set, they can enable the toggle - Manage Stock. They can always disable it if it is not required. 
  • Finally they can click on Save.