Post Rating and Review

 Encouraging Customers to review their purchases is an easy way to expand your eCommerce business's reach. When people have good things to say about the purchases they did on your eCommerce portal, then they are more likely to give you a good star rating and also put up some positive words about their purchase. More the ratings and reviews, increases the credibility of the eCommerce Portal. 


Store Panel ‣ Account ‣ Order History ‣ Order Details ‣ Rating and Review

  • The Customer can click on the 'Account' Section and select 'My Order History'. 
  • They can choose the product that they want to review. 
  • They can click on the 'Order Detail' available adjacent to that Product. 
  • They can then click on Rating and Review. 
  • They will navigate to the rating and review screen. 
  • They can choose the stars to give a star rating and some words in the text box provided and submit. 
  • The review gets automatically posted and will be avaiablle for display on respective product detail page (PDP).