Order History in Storefront

A customer's order history is a list of all the orders they've placed with your business in the past. It includes the specific items they purchased and how much each costs, along with information about the customer and when they bought the products. 


Store Panel ‣ Login ‣ Account ‣ Account Setting ‣ Order History

Order History

The design has been enhanced for this feature.

  • Under ‘Account’, the Customer will click on ‘My Order History’.
  • On clicking on ‘Track Order’, the Customer can view the entire timeline of different order statuses along with the date on which the order was placed, the date on which it was shipped, and so on.
  • By clicking on ‘Order details’ the Customer can view the complete Order Summary, payment method that was chosen and the shipping address for the delivery.
  • The Customer can also select ‘Buy it again’, or ‘Review the Product’.