KPI Reports

A KPI report (or KPI reporting) is a management tool that facilitates the measurement, organization, and analysis of the most important business key performance indicators. These reports help companies to reach business goals, identify strengths, weaknesses, and trends.


Admin Panel ‣ MarketPlace ‣ Reports

We have three types of reports:

  • Sales by Vendor
  • Total Sales Report
  • Settlement Report

Sales by Vendor Report

  • Click on ‘View Report’
  • A form will appear, where you need to provide inputs for generating a report.
  • You may either select ‘All Vendors’ if you want the sales report of all the Vendors together or you can select a particular Vendor from the list, if you want to only view the sales report for that particular Vendor.
  • You can provide the ‘From’ and ‘To’ date for generating the report.
  • On clicking on ‘Generate Report’, the report will be ready.
  • The report can be exported to excel/CSV.

Total Sales Report

  • Click on ‘View Report’
  • Select the period for which you want to generate the total sales report. Radio buttons are available for selection.
  • Mention the dates, if you want to generate reports for a particular date range. This is not a mandatory field.
  • Then, you may select a price range, if you want to generate report for only the sales between that particular range.
  • On clicking on ‘Generate Report’ the report will be ready.
  • The report can be exported to excel/CSV.

Vendor Settlement Report

  • Click on ‘View Report’
  • Choose Vendor from the drop down.
  • Select the ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates.
  • Then, select either ‘All’ or ‘Settled’ or ‘Not Settled’
  • Generate Settlement Report accordingly.
  • The report can be exported to excel/CSV.