Admin Dashboard gives an overview to the Owner or any person acting on behalf of owner about the overall performance of the eCommerce portal and the overview of the activities that have been happening in the portal. Admin dashboard also covers all aspects of KPIs (key performance indicators) for an eCommerce portal - like total order, total payments, total revenue, top selling products, recent sales and other such. 


Admin Panel ‣ common ‣ Dashboard

  • Your dashboard gives the complete view on the activities performed on your ecommerce website.
  • You will get to know all that is happening on your eCommerce store front, on one single screen.
  • You will know the total orders, total revenue, new customers and total customers. 
  • You will know the total vendors, total products, average order value and average conversion rate. 
  • You can view the top performing products on the ecommerce portal. 
  • You can view the graphical representations of sales, vendors, customers during a year. You can also view the top 10 weekly sales happening. 
  • Also, you can get full report on transactions during a year.