Manage Customers from Admin

Through this section, you can add customers yourself, you can manage registered customers and also view the customer details. 


Adminpanel ‣ Customer ‣ Customer


  • To view and manage your customers, click on Customers in the Menu Bar.
  • You can also view the login activities of the customer.
  • You can also create customer groups by clicking the ADD Group button in customer menu.
  • You can track the order history of the customers.

Add Customer

  • You can add New Customer by clicking the ADD Customer button

  • It will redirect to customer details page, where you can edit the details of a customer.

List Customer

  • When you click on the customer menu from Menu Bar, you can see the customer details listed out.


Update Customer

  • If you want to update the customer details, select the customer.

  • click the update icon in the customer list page.

  • It will take you to the update customer form page where you can edit and save the customer data.

Delete Customer

  • Select the customer you need to delete.

  • click the delete icon shown in the customer list page.

  • Then your customer data has been deleted from the customer list page.

Bulk Export Option

  • You will see the Customer list.
  • Either select all Customers, or select specific Customers.
  • Click on ‘Export’ option
  • You will get the list of selected Customers, along with all the details, in the excel sheet.