Promotional Widgets

Widgets are product recommendations and it provides an option to help your Customers in choosing the best products from your eCommerce portal. For example, your Customers might be shopping for laptops. If you show related widgets on your home page like - frequently bought laptops, top selling laptops and recommend some good laptops to them, this will help your Customers in choosing the best product and brand. 


Admin Panel ‣ CMS ‣ Widget

  • Click on ‘Add Widget’.
  • Enter the widget title, for example, today’s deals, frequently bought together, etc, then define the position (first or second or third – by using 1,2,3, etc), activate the same by selection from the drop down.
  • Enter the widget content – it could be a promotional content.
  • Link the widget, either to categores or products.
  • Select products or categories from the list for linking the widget to the same. The selected items will appear on the right side.
  • Then, provide the meta title, description and keywords for making it search engine friendly.
  • Then, click on Save and you will find the widget you created, in the widget list.