Informative Pages

Admin can create their own pages and customise according to their preferences. Admin can create different pages like About us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, About Brand, eCommerce guidelines, Return and Refund Poliy and other such informative pages and publish them for display on the Storefront for the Customers to read and understand. 


Admin Panel ‣ CMS ‣ Pages

Add New Page

  • Click add new pages

  • It will take to edit mode of the add new page

  • Then, from the drop down, select a group to which you want to map the page.

  • There you can create the page with Page title, Page content, Page status, meta data, Meta Keyword, Meta Content

List Page

  • The pages created by you will be listed here with page content and the page title.

Update Page

  • Locate the page you need to update

  • Then click the edit icon and then edit the information that needs to be updated on your page.

Delete Page

  • Locate the page you need to delete
  • Then click delete which will delete your page completely.