eCommerce blogs are important for providing guides to getting customer reviews and ratings, curating campaigns that increase brand engagement, and building lasting communities for brands. They also publish the latest ecommerce data and industry reports to help business owners stay on top of trends.


Admin Control Panel -> Blogs 

Blog List

This list will show the list of uploaded blogs along with the following information. 

  • Title
  • Category the blog article is mapped to
  • The featured image for the blog article
  • Description for the blog article
  • Status - active or inactive
  • An action option is given for edit or delete. 

Blog Filters

Blogs can be filtered based on titles and categories. 

Create Blog

Admin Control Panel -> Blogs -> Create Blogs

1.    Enter Title
2.    Then map the blog to a category
3.    Add Description or the blog content
4.    Upload image for the blog
5.    Enable the status
6.    Click on the SEO tab and provide the meta tags and save.