Manage Reviews and Ratings

Customers provide ratings and reviews on their purchases. However, it can be up to the Admin to decide and show which review has to be shown or has to be hidden on the eCommerce portal. This section helps Admin in effectively managing reviews and ratings coming from different Customers on their purchases. 


Admin Control Panel -> Review and Rating 

Review and Rating List

This list will show the list of reviews and ratings along with the following information. 

•    Image of the product for which the rating and review is given.
•    Name of the product to which rating and review is given.
•    Rating in stars
•    Review content 
•    Created date
•    Name of the Customer that provided the rating and review
•    Status of the rating – which by default gets enabled once the Customer provides on the Storefront. 

An option for disabling the review is provided.  


Ratings and Reviews can be filtered based on products.