Manage Categories


Product Categories in eCommerce are the bridge between your homepage and your product pages. This is the part where you help narrow down options for people and guide them to their desired product pages so they can easily find out what exactly they are looking for and make a purchase. 


Admin Panel ‣ Catalog ‣ Categories


  • You can categorize the product here and add the categorized product names also.
  • You can also sort the products.
  • In addition, you can specify status for the category as active or inactive.
  • Also, you can import and export the categories.

Add Category

  • When you click the Add Category button, It will redirect you to the add category form page.
  • There, you need to add the data of the created category.

List Category

  • The categories that have been created will be listed here.
  • You can use the filter option to list the categories, based on the categories.
  • Based on the category names, you can Search and Filter the categories from the category list page.

Update Category

  • Locate the category you need to update and click the edit icon.
  • It will redirect you to the editing form page, where you can edit the category.

Delete Category

  • Select the category you need to delete, and then click the delete icon. Your category will be removed from the category list page.