Showcasing different brands of products that you are selling on eCommerce portal is a good way of attracting potential Customers. This section is for the Admin to list out various brands for they can map products to their respective brands. This way, they can show Customers about different brands of products they have in their eCommerce portal. Some Customers are mainly focused on brands rather than products. Also, the Admin can give options for the Customers to filter the products based on brands. 


Admin Control Panel -> Brands

Brand List

This list will show the list of uploaded brands along with the following information. 

•    Brand Name
•    Brand Image
•    Its order in the master list of brands
•    Status - active or inactive
An action option is given for edit or delete. 

Add Brand

Admin Control Panel -> Brand -> Add Brand

1.    Enter the name for the brand
2.    Upload the image for the brand
3.    Provide the order in which it should appear in the brand master list
4.    Enable the status and save

Brand Filters

Brands can be filtered based on name and its status.