Audit Logs

An audit log is a security-relevant chronological record and set of records that provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected at any time a specific operation, procedure, event, or device.


Admin Panel ‣ Audit Log

  •  The user name that did such an action.
  • The date and time at which such an action was performed.
  • The Module in which the action was performed.
  • A description of that action.
  • The details of the browser through which such an action was performed.

The Filters are provided on the left-hand side to fetch the list in a particular pattern.

  • You can select the period for which you want to view the log - last 7 days or 14 days or 1 month.
  • You can select a particular module for filtering the list of actions.
  • Also, you can filter the list if actions to see the actions performed by one particular user only.