What's New I v.4.5

Spurtcommerce - OWASP Compliant


Spurtcommerce has achieved the OWASP’s rules and principles that ensures Web Security. All the steps and norms of OWASP have been followed and the platform has been fully tested accordingly.



New Store Design Theme 

We have brought the new design for Storefront with enhanced UI design for menu, category listing, product listing, product detail page and overall an enhanced look and feel.

System Audit Logs

Audit logs plays a major role in eCommerce platforms, especially when more than one User is handling the admin activities. So, a record of each action performed in Admin will get recorded.

Enhanced UI in Admin Settings

We have changed the UI and the design of the Admin Settings, making it user friendly and more systematic.

Q & A in Vendor Panel

Vendor can add Q & A (Questions and Answers) to their products. Also, when Customers posts questions on products, the respective Vendor can answer them. At the same time, other purchased Customers can also answer. Report Abuse feature has also been brought for this content.